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Climate Emergency Finally Called in Canada

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(2019-18-06)  With the True Magnetic North moving and Canadian floods increasing every year or Canadian Islands disappearing has Canada finally discovered the trend?  Well apparently so. Canada is finally calling it a National Climate Emergency. Congratulations Canada.

It is amusing to see that out of all the countries in the World, Canada is closest to the North Pole and yet the Government seems to be the most Chilaxing country in  the world. It must be all the  slushies or many brain freezes causing the brain to slow down. Either way. Seeing clear during a hot +40 C Canadian day or on a -45 c weather patterns is important.

The only problem here is to find out centuries later it was all man made not natural.


Climate Chaos Trend: Climate Emergency Artic Heatwave March 20, 2018

Christianity Under Attack Worldwide

(2019-06-18) In this past week, Christians are directly or indirectly being targeted. Alabama state is being threatened by Corporations like Netflix and Disney. News are resurfacing in the State of California, United States and another in Leon, Nicaragua.

On June 12, 2019, A 25 year old Christian School, Riverview Christian Academy was raided by the California Government in January but now it is making headlines again. The Christian School claims that their First Amendmend Rights are being violated. In a CBN interview a Pacific Justice Institute rep, Brad Dacus said, 'The State of California, Dept of Socia Svs they find out from a third party leftist site on the internet that their apparently is a video dealing or weapons it was a smear on this Christian academy.' He goes further to say that it was never responsibly investigated instead 16 troopers and two canine raiding the school. The California State found nothing.

What happened was that LGBT teens attending the boarding school gave an interview to Buzzfeed about not liking it.

The truth about this cases and many others like this one has a similar outcome. And one simple question has to be asked? Why do they attend the school to begin with, if they know they will not like it. Is it sabotage.

Sometimes Christian or Catholic School accept any one. Both parties are taking a risk. There is a chance that negligence will exist. LGBT is an agenda, and Christianity and Catholicism is a belief. The Agenda of LGBT is to be recognized worldwide for their beliefs. But what beliefs is that. Forcing a belief on another is forcing or hijacking the other's beliefs. Which makes no sense.

The truth being here is how far is the State going to go when owning rights of minors. This is about the minors being owned by the State and not by their parent. Their is a total danger that needs to be looked at for what it is.

In Canada, the State intervenes with minors who oppose their parents religion or beliefs. This is a worldwide agenda against family rights and values.

So this is probably one of those cases, where minors one day may look like they control everything with is what the LGBT agenda is turning out to be all about. Kids vs Family. A sad but true reality. It is the fastest way to skip a generation for deeper corruption in the world.

While it may look like the LGBT teens stomping their feet for pride and justice one day will mean they will have no rights switching certain rights for others. Sometimes what looks too good to be true is because it is not. Changing the status quo is only up to God Almighty Yeshua Jesus Christ.

Christian School Hit with SWAT by CBN

Cathedral Church Under Attack in Nicaragua


(2019-06-16) Persecution has been a trend in Nicaragua for the past year. The Catholic Religion is under attack for defending not the Church but the Human Race. Sandinista is Communist terrorism. Nicaragua has had its history of terrorism for the past forty years and now the Church is constantly being threated. Each time the Sandinista government comes to raid a community it is the Church bells that gives the warning to its townspeople to hide in fear of an attack.

The latest happened a couple of days ago, Cathedral of Leon under attack #Nicaragua bishop pleads for there to be no more attacks. The Nicaraguan Police did nothing to stop the attacks by the Sandinista terrorists.

Catedral Leon bajo ataque de turbas SANDINISTA #Nicaragua