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Climate Change Military Tribunals In Gitmo Deep State Cabal

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Climate Change Military Tribunals  In Gitmo Deep State and Cabal

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Major tribunal has been happening for several weeks at Gitmo. Since January 21 2019 there has been reports of FEMA prison barges seen at Gitmo. The reason for this barges is because there is an overflow of high level indicted Deep State detainees of the military tribunal. Proceedings will be in total secrecy.

Circulating there are claims of a released list of the deep state names involved in criminal activities.  There will be charges including Treason, Election Fraud and political elite roles in 9/11 and the Benghazi Massacre, gun and drug running, human trafficking, child exploitation, kidnapping, murder and harvesting victim’s organs for monetary gain.

After a couple of Generals resigned there is a question. Who is leading the Military tribunal prosecutions. The tribunals are being filmed and it is top secret and one day to be released according to some

Listen to a full report of David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report! Prison Barges Sent to Gitmo by David Zublick Channel published on Jan 21, 2019

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Climate Chaos  Where Will 56 Million People come from?

Deception Trend

56 million people will be migrants by 2030 according to the EU

What is agenda 2021? Well if you try to think about where 56 million people will come try looking at where the climate chaos is happening today.

This is not going to happen over night because they did say that there would be  a climatic change remember the very words from President of the United States Obama and Prime Minister of France in 2016. And the deep state were not talking about just the climate global warming.

If fact the Climate is getting colder worldwide with temperature reaching  wind chill temperature -56 c in Winnipeg Mb Canada , for three days in a row, in which it has never been seen before.

Is this why they have the sun simulator, the climate wars of who owns the sun?

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Climate Chaos Rare Tornado Cuba


#severeweather #extremeweather

Although there were no tornadoes hardly reported in the United States is now happening in the most oddest places.

January 27, 2019 Havanna Cuba

 A rare tornado hit Havana injuring 100's on January 27, 2019. Locals said that she has never seen anything like it. It happened in a few seconds.


TIMES & SIGNS NEWS Published on Jan 29, 2019

Climate Chaos Extreme Cold Weather Trend Northern Hemisphere January


#stormgabriel  #severeweather #extremeweather

Extreme Cold Weather Trend

North America

Being Cold in the Northern part of the Hemisphere is nothing unusual. But what is unusual is the extreme record breaking cold weather.

Yesterday, January 29, 2019 Winnipeg, Canada which is located in the central part of Canada hit a whopping -53 c windchill. This is extreme weather conditions and abnormal. Two days in a row the record high unimaginable weather has hit the thermostat. Luckily Winnipegers are use to the cold weather and they are equipped it.

However in some parts of the United States and Mexico, they are not use to cold climate weather and each year it is looking a four season climate.  Lovequist -50 weather Toilets were seemed to be frozen from the inside?


Heavy Snow Trend  Gigantic Waves   Storm Gabriel

In Manchester Airport United Kingdom the flights were grounded yesterday after heavy snow hit the runaways.

There were massive Gigantic waves spotted in #SanSebastian, Spain near the Spain French border this afternoon 29th January. 

On January 29, 2019 in the area of Cerdanya, Catalonia, #Spain they were hit with blizzard conditions and #heavysnow.

Southern Hemisphere


Meanwhile the opposite was occurring in the Southern Hemisphere where the rubbers of the tires looked more like liquid than anything else.

Take a advantage of the sun try creating a solar over

Climate Chaos Secret Space Program Sinkhole, Landslides Trend January


News >World>


While there are some avalanches or landslides naturally, Could it be the today's disasters are just man made?  Russia , in the past dried up Sea. Russia can also trigger landslides. Just  recently Russia had an #avalanche in Tlyarata, Dagestan, Russia at noon on the 27th of December! watch video

What does Russia do when a river is blocked? According to RT News :

The video shows the military taking care of a 140-meter-long, 11-meter-deep rock jam that blocked the Bureya River in Russia’s Far East after a landslide – in a way they do the best.

With the energy of some 20 tons of TNT, the fiery explosion hits the ice-bound river, sending gigantic plumes of smoke into the air and making the ground shake.

#RT #news Landslide Aftermath: Army BLOWS UP massive boulder that blocked river in Russia’s Far East by RT News

Landslide Trend 

Landslide in Ladakh India January 9, 2019

Near a river the landslide falls on busy  road.

Sinkhole Trend

Are the sinkholes around the world Man made or simply an act of a secret space program ready to take out the world.

Are they targeting water reservations, ponds, lakes or rivers.

Iran  Jan 21, 2018

There is a trend in  sinkholes appearing in the Middle East country Iran.

In the next video the earth cracks are looking a lot similar to the earth cracks from Africa Rift Zone. Although in the earth cracks in Iran, are being blamed for years of drought.

One cannot skip the idea of , could they be created by some king of laser weapon from the sky.

It already has been announced that there will be to deter missiles from space.

 Some sinkholes are as deep as 60 meters.

No matter what kind of drought the Earth is thousands of years old and if the drought would be the problem then the world would be full of Sinkholes. That is not the case. The fact that this phenomena looks more like a man made mistake or weather manipulation or biological warfare cause by some kind of laser weapon used in space.

Sinkhole Trend

Pingtung City in Taiwan Jan 4, 2019

Sink hole opens up on road with flames of fire coming out of the ground;

NWO and the United States: direct-energy weapons and man-made calamities by Follower of Christ 777

Climate Chaos Around the World

This happened on our Earth!!! January 9 2-19 by World of Signs

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