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Remove the Statue Trend John A MacDonald is it Another Form of Censoring of What Once Was?

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Remove the Statue Trend John A Macdonald is it Another Form of Censoring of  What Once Was?

by Veronica Davis  2018-08-08

#reconciliation #censorship

What good does it do to change the past with so much indecency, immorality, blasphemy and corruption of our time, wake up Canada! Doesn't it seem hypocritical to take down one and put up more statues but in different ways such as in billboards, parades, marketing displays etc.

Canada 1 st PM not liked sir john a macdonald to be removed because of indigenous p1

Watch next video to understand how some monuments known as obelisks are being used to perform strange psychic warfare and targeting us human beings.
Sir John A Macdonald remove all statues then p2 obelisk etc

Or let us look at it this way. At the end of the day you decide how you want history to be? Can you  go to your history section of your computer and  change it. Could you do that? The answer is no because you can not. One can not change the past. So are we living a lie by saying reconciliation can be done through changing historical monuments? It is like changing your genetic codes or changing your great grandparents. Some thing are best to be learned but not manipulated.

Removing Statues worldwide has been more of a tradition than really a trend. But really it becomes more of trying to make a statement trend than serving the purpose of why the statue went up in the first place. As if taking it down becomes a punishment to society. This is similar to 2005 American Supreme Court Bars Commandments:

A divided Supreme Court on Monday struck down Ten Commandments displays in two Kentucky courthouses, but ruled a 6-foot granite replica on state government land in Texas is acceptable.

In the first ruling, McCreary County v. ACLU (search), the court said the Kentucky displays violated the Establishment clause of the First Amendment, which prohibits government from endorsing or supporting one religion above others.

"Manifesting a purpose to favor one faith over another, or adherence to religion, generally, clashes with the 'understanding, reached ... after decades of religious war, that liberty and social stability demand a religious tolerance that respects the religious views of all citizens,'" Souter wrote.

But when one group tries to remove history is really to remove history. True as it sounds. Really a hypocritical reason to  manifest the future. Or putting up the Baphomet statue in the United States.

It has been stated that the Satanic Temple plans to bring Baphomet statue to protest at Arkansas Capitol on July 30, 2018. Since 2005 Regardless of what the evil tries to plan it has accomplished nothing since 10 Commandments monument installed at State Capitol, Satanic Temple plans lawsuit.

It is trending on twitter John A MacDonald and it is not for a good thing. So Canada decides to bring down a statue that leaves behind painful memories for some groups like First Nations. But the really of it all is that no one can change the Past it is the present that one must change. And allowing blasphemy to exist see the "mocking Jesus Trend" or allowing the sensitive much talked about topics of being born Gay or transgender or allowing many more dangers in our lives is not going to change the world for its best.

So the Present Past and Future is not up to mankind to forget. By erasing what once was seen by one group may not be seen by another. Generations later like the Metis that formed a race of humans that were the end result of races being mixed with race is part of evolution. At that time those were forbidden races then. But to some love and generations grew out of that hatred. Racism has always existed it is idealism that Canada always strives. But is it realistic. No one is going to force one group to behave in a certain ways . Forcing one belief on someone is what led to violence. So the past must remain for what it is because the violence was the end result of ignorance. No one is going to deny John A Macdonald was not the first Prime Minister just because you don't like the Present Prime Minister does not mean in the future there should be no memories of that moment in time.

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Account Suspension Trend Censoring Media Mogul Alex Jones

by Veronica Davis  2018-08-07

Are we talking about censoring or playing in the wrong sand box. Well according to Five in Ten host Gilbert playing in the wrong sand box is what is defined as censorship just before major elections. But he goes on to say that "this has to do that we are 2 months out of midterm election".

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