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Climate Change: Volcano de Fuego Kills More People in Guatemala

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Climate Change: Volcano de Fuego Kills 25 People in Guatemala


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Today A river of  Lava  was seen rushing through the streets the volcano de fuego erupted yesterday. The number of people dead in Guatemala due to the Volcano de Fuego increases to 62. Guatemala’s director of National Institute of Forensic Science explained 62 bodies have been recovered following the eruption. The bodies were found in the hamlets of Los Lotes and El Rodeo. There are two other active volcanoes Santiaguito in the west and Pacaya just 12.4 miles (20km) south of the capital. It has affected people are over 1.7 million.

Almost 6 hours from the Volcano eruption , Two Quakes following the eruption.

Today, Monday June 4 2018, 15:06:45 UTC 7 hours ago there was 5.2 mag 10 km depth 104km SSW of Champerico, Guatemala. An hour later at 16:11:22 UTC 81km SW of Acajutla, El Salvador a 4.3 magn 35.0 km depth.

Israel gives aid to victim of Guatemala.

The Hawaii's Kilauea volcano still continues to erupt with Fast-Moving Lava Danger Warning High Alert.

Guatemala volcano WATCH terrifying moment Fuego EXPLODES lava and HUGE ash

Are Greenland Earthquakes usual? On Monday June 4 2018, 22:49:26 UTC 2 hours ago 68km SE of Maniitsoq, Greenland a 4.5 mag 10.0 km depth. A 20 feet wave was seen around the time of the Earthquake.

Almost a year ago on June 17, 2017  As described by national geographic almost a year ago:

 June 17 tsunami revealed the wave crested as high as 300 feet when it hit one fjord before dissipating, making it one of the tallest in recorded history. A reconnaissance trip to Greenland led by an environmental engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that the "mega-tsunami" was caused by an unusually catastrophic landslide so large it generated a seismic signal, leading to confusion about the tsunami's cause

Celestial Events Fireballs Sonic Booms and Asteroid 

A Fireball Jinghong, Yunnan Province China June 2, 2018  followed by two sonic booms. Fragments were found on a rice field and damaging roofs of  homes. The next celestial event passed the Earth,  over Botswana, Africa, Early Saturday. The new found asteroid,  Asteroid 2018 LA  had a yellow glow known as sodium on  traveling at 38,000 thousand miles. We were only warned a couple hours before impact. Scientists Only Discovered The Six-Foot-Wide 'Asteroid 2018 LA' Just Hours Before it Reached Earth. It Disintegrated at a Height of 30 Miles (50 km) Over South Africa.

Blazing Asteroid Hits Earth-Sonic Fireball Explosion over Asia-Violent Eruption Buries

Earth Cracks 

In March Suswa Rift in Kenya Narok county is splitting Forces of the Earth and it is getting worse. Known as the slopes of Elgeyo escarpment where home to 10,000 households are exiting. There are reports that the Earth's crust is changing:

Suswa Rift: Kenya is splitting
Two Weeks ago around the World between May 9-13, 2018 cracks continue to opens around the world.

What is happening to this world may 9-13 2018 huge crack in Mexico

On May 5, 2018 A mega drought not seen since the 1930 s is being reported. There were over 200 horses photographed dead in the United States, Northern Arizona and Utah.

Megadrought to Grip the U.S. for Decades-Hawaii's Volcanic Nightmare-1000 Year Flood Hits

Nearly 200 dead horses found on Navajo land in Arizona

100+ horses mysteriously die in Navajo Nation as drought grips

Climate Change trends: Kilauea Volcano Update

by Veronica Davis 2018-05-14 9:03 UTC Monday

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Unexplained Events trends: Too Many Tremors  at Once in One Day

by Veronica Davis 2018-05-05 9:03 UTC Saturday 

#kapohotidepools #earthquake #Hawaii #hvnp #hppa #volcano #Kilauea #lava #KilaueaVolcano #LeilaniEstates #travel #BigIsland #Kapoho #EastRiftZone #lava #volcaniceruption #hawaii #kilauea #halemaumau #lavalake #jaggarmuseum

Too Many Earth Quakes per Minute is it a Warning for Something Big!

35 Quakes since Midnight!
How Many More Volcanoes will erupt in Hawaii Followed by !
Are we prepared!

The Earth is Rumbling with So May little small Quakes it is hard to keep up what just happened 4 hours ago. Iran, China, India, Philippines, Hawaii is a deadly zone for unusual events to happen today. Beginning with the heaping warnings of the Kilauea Volcano starting on April 22, 2018 the US Geological Survey reported spatter along a lava lake . According to US Geological Survey via A small lava flow (lighter in colour) and spatter erupting from a section of the crack on the west flank of the Puu Oo vent of Kilauea volcano, on May 1. Read Full Story at