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The New Controversial Bible Museum

Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is Perfect.

Where is Jesus in the New Controversial Bible Museum in Washington DC?


Without complexity in form you will learn the most simplest facts about History

History of the word and phrase The Bible

The  Bible is simply a phrase that can be used by anyone that wants to call it a "book". Right? or Wrong? Well according to the Founder of the Bible Museum opened last month it is just a word.

 However, The Bible are different scriptures written by different Authors. Mankind has recreated the book to remove certain scriptures and texts and bring about their own religions sect or group of followers.

It is important to call the Bible by the true name "The Sacred Bible" but its content is what has made and changed cultures and groups?

The Bible Debate
 But because mankind is so complex and are constantly in a battle of words and beliefs with one another the Bible Book has been ripped apart by the World Today.

Jesus Christ spoke about humanity which is why he loved to speak in parables. To Jesus Christ it was never about color of skin it was all about the human flesh and spirit.

But Because Over 2,000 years ago , God became Flesh and Spirit called himself Jesus or Yeshua
or known as the Son of God. This is known as the Holy Trinity. After that point in time,   People became greedy. How Could One man change the History of Mankind.

Well Jesus Christ did change history and was fortold time and time again through generations throuh a book called The Sacred Bible.

Within this Book it is divides Time by two categories known as The Old Testament and The New Testament. The New Testament are the testimonies of Jesus Christ Birth and Death. Jesus Christ Spoke Aramaic. In fact, During the period of (700-330 BC)known as the Babylonian Exile and the subsequent occupation by the Assyrians , the Imperial Language of Aramaic was the common language of the Jews.

Jesus Christ The Divine Language

However, because Jesus Christ was God Himself he knew all languages him the creator of all languages. Jesus Christ even knew how to speak to our hearts and that was his only true divine language. Speaking in Tongues is what  is called. When our Spirit speaks to our Creator in its true form language. Even at a very young age of 12, Jesus Christ went to the Synagogues and spoke to Professional Doctors and Delegates and with astonishment they listened and learnt.

Jesus Christ Also told us that if we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven 
we have to be around him like children. So talking in tongues is like when a baby first talks, a baby talks in his own way. One must talk to God Yeshua in tongues known as praying in the Spirit.
Speak in Tongues

1 Corinthians Chapter 14

For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God for no one understand him; however, in the Spirit he speaks Mysteries.

Also readActs 2:4 Acts 10:46
Son of God Jesus Christ tells Satan Begone! part 3 Gospel Matthew 3:13 - 5 by megatrndz
And so to change the world one must also talk in tongues when we speak to others. Such as Talk to the Soul when you speak to others on a daily basis. Mean what you say. That is how Jesus Christ spoke. He wanted us to be Perfect like him as he told us in scriptures.

So whenever someone says to calls you an idealist, a perfectionist, a dreamer, an enthusiast, an arrogant, tell them the same scripture Jesus Christ told to a multitudes up on a Mountain, Gospel of Matthew 5:48:

Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is Perfect.

The Sacred Bible  First Translation 
 The Sacred Bible  First translation integrates the Sacred Scriptures made directly from the original languages, Hebrew and Greek, by Catholic authors.

To understand Jesus Christ is to read the words of his witnesses and man that walked hand in hand with Jesus Christ, Yeshua. These men  were selected by Jesus Christ Yeshua known as the 12 witnesses to his true word. Those were called the 12 Apostles.

The Apostolic Age

When Jesus Christ Died, the Apostles continued to spread Jesus Christ faith, and Ministry.  It was until the last Apostle death the Christian Faith moved to a new era this was called the Post Apostolic Ante Nicene Period

The Post Apostolic Ante Nicene Period

The Calendar

 There are different Calendars throughout history. And those who wanted to hide Jesus Christ Existence like the evil angel have a different time frame.

The Controversial Bible Museum

The New Bible Museum is what "they" are calling it. How Controversial is the New Museum Bible in Washington DC. And for many Christians that are American a series of Collective items over years are on display at the New Museum Bible. Although a more suitable name for the Museum should have been The New American Bible Book Museum. After its Grand Opening Christians that attended were in "shock" after not finding Jesus in the New Bible Museum. Hardly anything on the New Testament. What is really going on? What is the Hidden Agenda about this New Bible Museum with alot of Judaism. Mr. Green whom was the Founder says"that he is not pushing an Agenda" and his goal is to make an atheist feel comfortable. So it seems that the New Bible Museum's Agenda is all about the one perspective of Mr. Green. Mr. Green says the New Museum is " about a Book". But Mr. Green is not specific about what real Book  he is  truly looking at. Perhaps the real reason Mr. Green never speaks about "Holy Bible" or "Sacred Bible" calling the Bible simply "just a book". How Dangerous is to recreate the Bible and own the word the "Bible".

Is the cover price worth really paying for the True Christian. Finding No Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary or Josheph or 12 apostles brings brings forth a crucial question. What is the true agenda when there is no Jesus Christ when the True Foundation of the word the "Bible" is the whole 66 books as a whole.

Listen to Rick Wiles Bible Museum Disses Jesus, A Warns Market Crash May Lead to War  from November 21, 2017.

 Is the Museum anything at all of what is expected. Does it meet the Christian expectations. Or is it just promoting today's latest museum technology. An expose just to raise funds per visitor.
Bible Museum Disses Jesus says Rick Wiles. A very insightful interview about the true agenda of the New Bible Museum.

A one of a kind museum has opened it's doors in the nation's capitol. The Museum of the Bible is a world class, state of the art structure with an adventure through the scriptures for all who want to explore it. In today's J Factor, Fior Hernandez takes us through a tour before the grand opening.

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