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The BlackOut Trend: Are We Seeing in the Dark Now Dineyland

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The BlackOut Trend: Are We Seeing in the Dark Now Dineyland


Well as megatrndz finished with the Blackout trend, Seeing in the Dark Atlanta another one pops up only this time it was not at an airport. And this time it was not a blackout ,let us call it a glitch with the transformer. No matter what "they" try to call it , the truth unveils. It is a blackout, and it is a trend on megatrndz.

 And while "People stranded on Disneyland rides after power outage" by Jackie Salo on December 27, 2017 | 3:54pm | not was this story Updated did it release too much information to an audience that may be associated with a  kid friendly name like Disneyland.
Anaheim amusement park’s Toontown at Califonia s Disneyland was not a fun place to be a few hours ago.

So while the on lookers an eyes wide open search for the unveiling truth to Q's trend. Let us see what is next in occurring sizzling events.

Disneyland Blackout Trend December 27, 2017

The BlackOut Trend: The Mysterious Flight to no where


The Mysterious Flight to no where. Sounds weird enough. Well not so. While people in Disneyland were put on a hold up in the air so were 230 passengers to Toyko as well. And so person was very concerned of what was going on. Her name is Chrissy Teigen a supermodel and pregnant to Musician John Legend as she questioned all the unusual events unveiling infront of her very eyes. So the Washington Post wrote a story about her tweet just an hour ago calling it "A passenger boards the wrong plane. So Chrissy Teigen tweets about an 8-hour 'flight to nowhere.'" written by Kristine Phillips on December 27, 2017 at 4:01 PM. .
But what was even weirder was why everyone was being detained and questioned if it was the Airlines fault or was it?

Chrissy Teigen Mysterious flight to nowhere.

The BlackOut Trend: Are We Seeing in the Dark Now in Atlanta


Just a few days ago, a Mysterious Canadian S.O.S  signal surfaced the internet on December 25, 2017 "S.O.S Trend: Toronto Airport coincidence or emergency" as it what was being described as  two air planes from the Toronto Airport were writing  on the runaway. But the online news quiet it down as the story disappeared from the spotlight. Then the focus became the Delta U.S flights. Soon after, it evolved to the Q tweets hit a diversion to other codes meaning not the Delta flights but something else. Meanwhile other informers brought to the surfaces that very day about Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks disappearing Twitter account. But his account soon came back on just like that of Account Suspension Trend  also read "Account Suspension Trend: Social Media"  written by megatrndz on December 20, 2017 as all being part of the Censorship Program worldwide.

Because the truth is winning in essence, however it is not enough because the truthful investigators are being censored. And so the propaganda that "they" need to put out is not surfacing. As popular decoders are working together to find the truth.

But let us look what is happens on December 25. On December 25, alot was being unraveling infront of our eyes.  Also, the Julian twitter account had been hacked or was it voluntary or was there a bigger agenda.

While some were confused as soon as the real purpose of twitter account disappear may have been that Julian Assange dropped more information as described on James Munder channel published on Dec 26, 2017" JULIAN ASSANGE DROPS ENORMOUS 65 GB FILE... OR NOT!!!71,001 views1K121SHARE"

And so let us go back to a few days earlier on December 20. A lot of interesting facts have began to surface after the mysterious Atlanta Airport Blackout. Remember the  Atlanta Airport Blackout on December 2017 . And so the Q Files Trend began to surface everywhere online. Anyways, lets just go back to what happened months earlier in Georgia.

First in April 2017, The streets of Atlanta closed by a tweet from the Atlanta Police Dept  "reports of a red mercury from Africa walked into Region 2 location of the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said Stefanie Brown from police dept". watch full video Below

On December 17, 2017 the news about the mysterious Atlanta Blackout spread like wildfire.
At the same time the train infrastructure was wrecked in Washington. One more thing, Remember President Donald Trump said that the infrastructure needed a boost injected into the system.

Very similar to the April 2017 Bridge collapse, in Georgia after it caught fire.
According to an anonymous it was an anonymous that did that.

On a Side note Reallygraceful youtuber from Georgia takes us to insightful information about an incident that occured in Georgian Atlanta with almost a millions hits to this date "Something Strange Is Happening in Atlanta" does the full video.

Watch the figure that lies in the restaurant behind on minute into 4:22 hmm. The location could not have been stranger. What business is that!

And so let us continue to December 20, 2017 three days after the Atlanta Airport Blackout one news didn't just vanish into thing air but instead of the smoke screen coming on the surface and lingered. All the lingering brought a brighter surface on the internet when it was noted that only one cargo plane from Cal Cargo Airline from Israel known to carry live animals and and nuclear devices stood out on this day. This particular airplane from Mexico City mysteriously arrives and 5 hours later takes off while during the Blackout.

Deception Bytes reports on this event "Atlanta Airport Blackout: What you are NOT Hearing 77,624 views

Watch full report on Studio News Reports reports on "Evidence Atlanta Airport Blackout Was Part Of Intentional Cover Up" with already 66,378 views

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   Q files Trend        Blackout Trend   Weather Warfare Trend  Biological Weather Warfare Trend  Chem trail Trend   Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend    Weather Manipulation Trend       Account Suspension Trend   

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   Q files Trend        Blackout Trend   Weather Warfare Trend  Biological Weather Warfare Trend  Chem trail Trend   Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend    Weather Manipulation Trend       Account Suspension Trend