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Frozen Embryo Trend: 24 year old Embryo Born

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Frozen Embryo Trend: 24 year old Embryo Born Today Miracle Vs Science

by Veronica Davis Wed 2017-12-20 

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Frozen Embryo is unnaturally scientific way to bring a human into this world and it is becoming a human crisis. The human embryo's rights are violated and should be against the human rights. But society and with its development of science it has become accepted like cloning, trans-humanism and gene editing among a few. In editing God's genetic code all formats of recreating the seed is not accepting in the Christian community. Whether in the human and animal kingdom such as gene editing, cloning, and trans-humanism or in the plant kingdom such as in hybrid seeds  and Genetically Modified Seeds or GMO. All as a result to create chimeras .

Frozen In Time nor Frozen Embryo for 24 years

Frozen in Time Not Frozen Embryo

24 year old Embryo Born Today

While Emma Wren is being called a Miracle Baby meanwhile twitter corporation calls the moment Cool News. Are we also redefining the term miracle. Jesus Christ being born from a  Virgin is a miracle. But science being defined as performing miracles is plain bizarre. Emma was born in November 25, 2017 but the news is just hitting the news as if there was the debate of whether it should be kept secret or not.

Unnatural Births

Babies Births are no longer natural and it will become a new trend in the years to come from trans humanism to genetically modified.

 Is anyone asking questions why Twitter is considering it as a moment. Because this moment is important to the AI FOLKS! This is important to the Ai folks! This moment is a stepping stone for the AI to record important scientific moments . .

Take note on this the date the twitter computer is marking this date on its calendar. The first baby born as the reports states: What you are about to read next sounds like a typing error. No Folks it is not science fiction. The whole story is true and real. But is it ethical.
With the hopes of becoming parents, this couple used a donated embryo that was frozen 24 years ago, so that means little Emma was conceived in 1992, but not born until this year.

Anyone Questioning What is an Embryo

Not Allowing the Natural Process to take place for 24 years is a very dangerous and cruel to the embryo. The process is disgusting. Who would of thought it already existed. What is next .

Here is the definition of embryo:

An embryo is an early stage of development of a multicellular diploid eukaryotic organism. In general, in organisms that reproduce sexually, an embryo develops from a zygote, the single cell resulting from the fertilization of the female egg cell by the male sperm cell. The zygote possesses half the DNA of each of its two parents. In plants, animals, and some protists, the zygote will begin to divide by mitosis to produce a multicellular organism. The result of this process is an embryo.
In humans, a pregnancy is generally considered to be in the embryonic stage of development between the fifth and the eleventh weeks after fertilization,[1]

This means that the natural process of Emma s to grow stopped between fifth to eleven weeks. I am sure for 24 years many people saw Emma 7 to 10 mm long with rudimentary organs with beginnings of the eyes, ears, and extremities can be seen and try to stop this. Emma was frozen in time. Whether or not is legal or not it is grotesque. Who asked the zygote or Emma before she knew she was Emma.

Should the report have red Little Emma was born in 1994 so that would make Emma 24 years old. Right! What about what other media are entertaining the thought of The embryo is just a year younger than the mother or how about The longest known frozen human embryo to result in a successful birth.

Ethically Wrong

It is a violation of human rights to stop someone natural process. Ethically and Spiritually this is wrong . Because it is warping time. It changes generations. Remember folks how the Sacred Bible counts the Generations to mention important People being born like for example Jesus Christ.

The whole concept is bizarre . A Baby Should Have Been Born 24 Years Ago. Sounds more like the Real Truth. And so we face the reality that we are living a time and age where tricking time is all an experiment. Will the Child have thoughts like the children born in the 1980. Will the child develop healthy. Will the child have future complications. What will the child think. Are we all going to think that we can freeze our own embryos and then have it be raised by us. HUH!

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