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From Hollywood to Princess: Prince Harry and Celebrity Meghan Markle

A Real Hollywood Princess: Prince Harry and Celebrity Meghan Markle

2017-12-11 by Veronica Davis
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A brighter and rightful future is near. As the Wind Whispers by the minute the next move of the latest saga of the next Duchess . Where is she escaping to for her honey moon. Which designer will dress the next Duchess. What Fairy Tale Castle will be their home? To writers, photographers, interior designers, fashion designers and media figures it is the latest buzz everyone is too excited for event of the year the Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan the 2018 Wedding.

What a way to end year of 2017 with  a beautiful story of two people who share their love for one another while helping the world at the same time. And now  soon to be wed. She has the same glow as late Princess Diana.  The Prince Harry and Royal Engaged Celebrity Meghan Markel. Soon to be known as Duchess Meghan. In their life journey it was their interest and care for the World what brought them together in 2016. Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are both driven by leadership and interwoven by helping others.

Although a Hollywood Celebrity in 2015 she was a UN Women Ambassador as well.  On International Women's Day 2015, Meghan Markle,   said in her speech "I am tremendously honored to be your and women's advocate for political participation and leadership."

To everyone's astonishment, Prince Harry introduced to the World to his true Love, his way. As they walked hand in hand in their most casual comfortable attire. To our astonishment Prince Harry had his special way to show the World that he was not going to show his treasure in vain. It was in Prince Harry most humble way. In September 2017, during the Invictus Games in Toronto that Prince Harry showed the World what really was in his Spirit. Because the Invictus Games was his Late Mother Princess Diana creation and therefore dear to Prince Harry's heart. What a beautiful way for Prince Harry to begin the Invictus Games with "We are all Winners".

On November 28, 2017 together they made a more formal engagement at Kensington Palace with reporters present and recorded live by the Guardian News video below.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle live at Kensington Palace

Truly Prince Harry and Meghan's future and true story to tell their future children will not be about the Posh Things but about their grassroots and new foundation and treasures they hold truly to their hearts and to the World just like Princess Diana vision of  wanting the best for her younger son. And While the true story about their engagement has been spreading and resurfacing. Such as the one, on December 3, 2017 the Sun in a story entitled "BOTSWANA SEALED THE DEAL Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to wed while on a romantic holiday under the stars in this luxury camp in Botswana Harry could not pop the question without written permission from his grandmother, the Queen, as required by British law":

A source close to the couple said: “The trip to Botswana was Harry’s chance to introduce the two loves of his life – Meghan and the country he first visited just weeks after his mother’s death when he was 12.

According to the Sun, the pair spent a night under the star at Meno a Kwena tented camp in Botswana.

One thing is for sure, their love for one another is lovely and true.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first interview together - tape replay watch video by Guardian News

Watch in the next video the beautiful recent documentary of compiled interviews about both oth their Journey as Prince Harry and Meghan: A Royal Engagement (Full) Already is the media moving from fashion the equality. On November 30, 2017 As fashion magazines like Glamour writes article like Watch Meghan Markle's Incredibly Powerful Speech on Gender Equality From 2015 by Maggie Mallon. Which goes on to say, that where these couple go, anyone will follow. And taking on important issues like equality, and humanity is what the world needs.

Nation Against Nation Trend: Fighting for Jerusalem in #TimeSquare and Around the World

2017-12-9 9:48 am
#jerusalem #newjerusalem #love #peace #yeshua #safety revelation 12:10 1 Thessalonians  5 Psalm 83, Zechariah 12 and Ezekiel 38

Peace never comes with weapons

Chaos over  word Jerusalem Put God in Your Spirit on the Megatrndz Show Episode 9 part 5

From December 7-10 of 2017 There will be demonstrations where a nation will be against other nations such as the muslims vs jews.  With titles like Rally and Protest for Palestine it is a culture with old roots and beliefs over a land that has existed from the beginning of time.  The protest movement website shows 24 States that will organize protests from Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Chicago, Orlando, Washington, Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Seattle, and St.Paul.

According to John Shorey Tribulation will follow when nation will rise against nation.

Nation against nation gatherings are never good and are not free speech if it spreads hate. Today in "Firebombs hurled at synagogue in Sweden after protest march about Jerusalem"" More than 21 masked men:

 hurled firebombs at a synagogue in Gothenburg in southern Sweden hours after locals marched in the city against the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital....Dvir Maoz, the World Bnei Akiva youth movement’s emissary in Gothenburg, told JTA that the attack happened a little after 10 p.m. while youths from the local Jewish community were attending a party inside the synagogue complex. Looking outside from inside the synagogue lobby area, he said he saw in the corner of his eye “a ball of fire” approaching the building. “The guards saw it in the security cameras and called police right away. The children were stressed, it was the first time they had ever experienced a terrorist attack near them.”
JIHAD AGAINST JEWS As the reports on Saturday December 9, 2017:

The demonstration was tense and volatile, with the Muslims trying to intimidate and silence the hearty band of freedom fighters who turned out in support of President Trump and Israel. From one of the people on our side: “Insane. 42 st. Cops can’t keep control of the Muslim demonstrators. We will not back down. But Muslims have no respect for law. This we know. Police valiant trying to get them away from us. Cops concerned. Want us to leave. We’re staying.”

On December 7, 2017 The websites posts:

But, contrary to much of the coverage in the mainstream corporate media here, Trump’s announcement does not mean that Jerusalem/Al-Quds is now actually the capital of Israel. The people of Palestine, not Trump, will determine their own national destiny, and they have united to say: Jerusalem is our capital! Immediately following Trump's announcement, people across the West Bank and Gaza took to the streets in protest, with more than 60 wounded by the Israeli occupation forces on Dec. 7. More protests are expected in the coming days. In Palestine and all around the world, protesters are taking to the streets!

The protests against Israel is planned ahead and obtained from website above.

Tweets from December 7,8 2017

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Emty streets NYPD

Back in September 2017 at the The Jim Bakker Show, John Shorey discusses how we're living in the beginning of sorrows and that major tribulation is to follow.