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Celestial Trend: Deception Present at The Garden of Eden

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Celestial Trend: Deception Present at the Garden of Eden 

Sunday 2017-12-17 9:00 am
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God Yeshua Jesus Christ Communicates in Dreams

Curing Others Dream
I will share a dream of mine when I was about 12 years old.
That looking back now I believe I was in the Rapture.

Dream Description
 In my dream I was wearing a white long outfit like a doctors outfit.
I was older and I was the only one that I knew wearing the White outfit
I was surrounded with colors of Fire.
I would say now looking back it may have been a description of  Hell.
Now since I have never been to Hell I would not know if that is where I was.

Feeling in Hell or In a Different Planet like Mars?

However in my dream ,
 I felt I was in a different Planet.
 It did not look like Earth.
Or perhaps an Earth that had Died.
I was breathing fine the air did not seem toxic too me.

In this Place I was situated
The sky and the Air was all Red and pink and lots of glows of redness.

The ambiance was danger and I was helping people around me.

I can not say if I saw flames all around me or not and if i did,
the flames and fire around all of us did not really matter.

It felt like the flesh could not feel the pain but it was like we were aware of it.

If that makes any  sense at all.

Anyways, Let us continue,
I can say now that I was  Doctor then but it was not me.

I can not say it was me because I felt I was in a vision observing. I was the observer.

In looking back now, I see that in creating this website
since 2001 the purpose was not really there.

In spirit it was

 but I never felt it was  manifesting into a true purpose.

 Manifestation must happen for the true words of Jesus Christ to have value on this Earth.

Perhaps now I see that this website has evolved into helping out people

People who otherwise would not know what Heaven and Earth truly is or what

 the wonders of Yeshua or Jesus purpose of coming here on Earth over two thousand years ago.

To everyone who reads and subscribes to I really hope you find yourself truly blessed in having found What God Yeshua is Manifesting upon us.

From the time I was very young
I assumed  that Everyone was like me
only that everyone that was not like me

I thought they were selfish and  hypocrites.

 I always thought that Yeshua and Jesus lives
 in each and everyone of us only and that
many choose to build a wall around the Heaven's secrets
and gifts God that he gave us since we were born.
And yet we get Lost in Time.

LOST IN TIME I see now how God Yeshua is Manifesting now.

That is why when I was young I often went to look for answers.
But I was Lost in time where I looked for answer in all the Wrong places.
 I  loved listening to psychics read horoscopes on tv and in magazines etc
 or the psychics that became famous on tv.

But it was all LOST IN TIME. read all about November 29, 2017 God's Message in Seeing in the Dark.

However, please understand that
when you begin reading any part of the Sacred Bible ,
 your natural ability that God gave each and everyone in us
when we were born is opened.

The flood gate to understand our true purpose of now and what is to come in our after life.

What Do I mean about this.

Celestial Trend: Deception Present at the Garden of Eden Episode 12 2017 12 17 2 22 56 PM

The Megatrndz Show Episode 12 Part 1 and Part 2 aired Sunday December 17,2017

Celestial Trend: Deception Present at the Garden of Eden Part 1 Episode 12 2017 12 17 2 22 56 PM

The Devil Real Purpose of Walking in The Garden of Eden

Walking everyday with Jesus Christ in our thoughts and guidance is our real purpose
WHY he put US on this Earth in the first place.

The First thing that happened in the Garden of Eden was that Eve was with God.

But God's Greatest Angel was there too, Satan. His characteristics were not in the Human Gene until Eve ate the Apple.
And so Eve's characteristics became dirty.
The cunning Evil Angel manifested into Eve's Human Genetics and trickster, cunning, deception, were all part of Eve as well.

But there was a second thing that happened in the Garden of Eden.

The evil would remain on Earth and God's kingdom would remain in Heaven.

But because the deception and darkness was already on Earth
Another Deception was present now.

The deception that God Yeshua would disappear form this Earth and that human kind would not walk with God Yeshua.

The Deception that God would leave us abandoned with the Darkness.

But remember this too is a deception.
So Why was the Devil present in the Garden.

So Now that Adam and Eve knew about deception.
What Next ?
So then Earth became filled with the Devil's traits, cunning, deceiver, the trickster, the gamer, the addict.

The Devil's characteristics were passed down through the apple. 

And so,

Humanity's first taste of deception happened in the Garden of Eden.

So the intervening between God Jesus Christ our Savior through dreams, thoughts and guidance diminished being replaced by the deceiver.  To deceive is seen as unclean and sinful not rightful.

That is why God send people like Moses, Elijah, Jesus Christ himself and all other prophets to keep our minds alert at all times. The Sacred Bible and learning who God is, becomes the unveiling. It Unveils the deception what was lost in the Garden of Eden. By reading the Sacred Bible God sends floodgates of Gifts and Talents. With Learning the words of our Lord one becomes wiser and stronger and God puts on your armor.

You see I can go on and one to why an addict is an addict. Why the Gamer plays his game of the opponent etc. I great movie to watch is called Will Smith's Concussion. In the movie we know the main character is a Christian  but the movie is really not really speaking the Truth. He does manifest or give Credit to God watch the below scene.

Concussion (2015) - The Gift of Knowing Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

The Gift of The Holy Spirit
Let us continue to word of Lord with one another.
Come on now I speak to those to stay and be faithful to Jesus Christ by not just spreading the words of Jesus Christ our God in Heaven but to also speak about dreams and signs with others and to not be afraid. Fear in Speaking the Truth is the Devil's real deception in the Garden of Eden.

Unveiling The Truth that God Jesus Christ walks within everyone of us on Earth.

This is what I mean when I say is Heaven and Earth Intertwined.
 Yes it truly is. Do not be deceived by the Cunning Evil Spirits.
 The tricksters the deceivers the cunning the people put in authority but truly do not spread the Truth. When our Divine Spirit being God talks to each and Every one of us He talks through us.

His words will never be manifested if we do not speak it out.
That is why Jesus Christ tell us to be like children if we want to enter Heaven.

For those of us that are Parent we truly know the frustration it is to be a baby.
Babies do not speak words they cry when they are born.
Crying is the sign God sent out to us as parents that the Baby is hungry, needs their diaper changed etc.
You know what I mean.
So when he speaks to us through dreams or through thoughts spread his love and wonders.
What does a baby do after they have been fed or their soiled diapers is changed.
The baby shows happiness, or rests in peace. Let us show God the Grace.

The Devil Real Purpose of Walking in The Garden of Eden Part 2 2017 12 17 3 07 35 PM