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As The Hollywood Empire Spiral Downwards

As The Hollywood Empire Spiral Downwards

October 28, 2017 3 :00pm


So since 2010, Corey Haim s death Corey Feldman has failed to expose names and so the abuse in Hollywood continues. As the leaning tower of pizza crumbles infront of our very eyes more needs to be put into perspective. The Hollywood Empire is compared to the Roman Empire that eventually fell. Exposing perverts will not only bring a whole industry down lots of jobs will be lost one by one as the culprits disappear to prison, depression or la la land where ever that is.

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In this reported investigation we will look deeper into previous journalism and videos for the sake of finding these pedaphiles that Corey Feldman slowly but one day will expose. It is unusure why procastination is making Corey more powerful and the industry weaker. Or clearly is going nowhere and loosing credability. But one thing is for sure the storm will only get bigger just as the cookie crumbles like that of Harvey Weinstein.

Below are excerpts taken from the article entitled The childhood hell of ‘The Lost Boys’ By Larry Getlen October 19, 2013 | 9:45pm, The highlighted words will be used for better focus and interpretation of this article.

Haim confided in his new friend that on the set of the 1986 film “Lucas,” “an adult male convinced him that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all the guys do. So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers . . . and Haim allowed himself to be sodomized.”

In “Coreyography,” Feldman — one of Hollywood’s top child actors in the 1980s with hits like “Stand By Me,” “The Lost Boys,” “Gremlins” and “The Goonies” — shares tales of his own abuse at the hands of trusted adults throughout his Hollywood experience.

Even this article is already educating the readers that kids are allowing themselves,  ”So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers . . . and Haim allowed himself to be sodomized.”
This article is the perfect example of why kids who are child abuse victims commit suicide because the very media does not support or embrace them. The victim becomes to culprit and the culprit becomes the victor.  This is the biggest deception that    “They” do. Also the process of forcefull rape and making children into a homesexual. It is the foundation of homesexuality and why the Sacred Bible considers it an abomination an act of immorality.

These pedophiles convince kids into believing its perfectly normal to be perverted. And of course Hollywood does a lot of this trickster mentality of a magician into their movies,  consider MK

 Ultra, mind control, Hollywood programming . Just how far does Hollywood get into our minds in our very own homes there will be videos posted on vloggers that expose how it works.

So how does the Hollywood Empire have secluded areas where the abuse happens. The story goes back as celebrity Mega Star Shirley Temple. Or like in Corey Feldman parents or Lindsey Lohan or mega superstars like Luis Miguel a Latin Superstar. What do all this celebrities have in common is the type of parents. In all cases the parent have some kind of addiction problem and lust for fame for their kids.

One of the very first to expose the Hollywood Empire s corruption is a Universal Pictures movie
by Steven Spielberg, called E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) actress Drew Barrymore. Where she was given alcohol at a very young age and started stripping in New York after the movie the E.T came out.

Shirley Temple- The Disturbing history of Baby  Burlesk

As the Hollywood Empire Spiral Downwards by megatrndz

While trying to continue to find more of the truth here is a little more of the article found in the New York Post:

His father, who managed him for a time, hired an assistant in his early 20s who Feldman calls “Ron.” Ron struck up an instant friendship with Feldman, who writes, “It was almost eerie how similar we were. It was as if he had studied me and was copying my every move.”

 Ron was soon spending all his time with Feldman, taking him out on the town and turning him on to new drugs. One night, after taking a concoction of pills “that Ron had made up,” the woozy teenager felt a hand on his thigh. Ron asked if it was OK and wound up having oral sex with the “petrified” and “revolted” Feldman, who was frightened of a confrontation and of alienating his new close friend. This twisted relationship lasted for years. With none of his family members there for him, Feldman formed relationships with any adults who reached out, and in numerous instances, these men turned out to be pedophiles. In one especially sad aside, he reflects on a picture he took at his 15th birthday party and notes that in the photo, he and Haim were flanked by five of them.

The reason why Ron was spending all his time with Feldman, was because he is known to be a handler. Usually a handler is sent by THEY to control every aspect of celebrities, or superstars or any victim around the world in Coreys case. The Doppelganger.... one can say, the evil twin per say. The reason Corey calls Ron first encounter of him as Eerie, is simply because he was specifically put there to manipulate and control every part of  Feldman life.

Even if you study, the writer of the New York Post,  Larry Getlen, he is still employed and writing articles by the New York Post. The whole article is full of codes and encrypted messages, where pedophilia is ok. Larry Getlen labels Corey Feldman act of being raped as REVOLT continuing to say Ron asked if being raped is OK...remember Corey Feldman was underage, the article says he is a teenager.  Cohersing the reader to believe that  corruption is innocence the whole article says that teenage boys do not get raped, which is why Ron is not in jail.  Which is why Corey Feldman says “They“ are everywhere. 

Another strategy THEY do is pin one victim against each other. As THEY tried to turn Michael Jackson against Corey Feldman. Michael Jackson headed alone as a teenager to Hollywood to become the scarecrow in the Hollywood Movie. Michael Jackson was allured away from his family to become independent where he began his Thriller album afterwards. Perhaps Michael Jackson was a victim of the Hollywood Empire.

Watch the Wendy Williams show from October 30 2013 where Corey Feldman, is asked about his book Coreography:

when I was writing the book as I was going through the process I literally saw this photograph that was from when I was 14 years old okay and Corey was 14 years old it was my birthday party I was at my dad's office that's where we threw it those who were there will remember and in this photograph it's me and Corey watching a friend of mine who is not a pedophile but he's an older man but there were four or five of them around us like vultures all in one photograph and every single one of them is either a convicted or theoretical pedophile okay four or five of them what nature would they dope you up get you high or drunk and then have a in the game in a game hey you know what oh let's try this let's try that let me explain the guy who molested me there were a couple but not the guy who ran the Hollywood nightclub for children... that's not the guy okay the other guy who did the main molesting to me he turned me on to cocaine for the first time heroin for the first time crack for the first time all of that okay so yeah he knew exactly what he was doing well you mentioned that you were in your father's office up but you were one of the first people that I had ever heard of who got emancipated at fifteen yeah

Next to be exposed is the Fashion Industry as all THESE people travel from one industry to another

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Watch in the next video the best performance of Corey Feldman interpretation of his next move to crumble the Hollywood Empire it is encrypted with rituals that perhaps he had done in the past or Corey Haim or Michael Jackson

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In the next video Corey Feldman tells reporter on how Paris Jackson is supportive of his work. So this too lets us know that Corey Feldman and Paris Jackson already have bonded in exposing the truth of the Hollywood Empire.

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Corey must be turning his life around with his angels around him are name of song titles as Ascension. Watch video

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When doing the Holy Rosary,  The Second Glorious Mystery is called  THE ASCENSION:

Jesus remains on earth forty days after His Resurrection to prove He has truly risen from the dead.
He commissions the apostles to preach the gospel to every creature, and promises to be with them forever.
He will not leave them orphans, but will send the Holy Spirit to enlighten and strengthen them.
Jesus proceeds to Mt. Olivet accompanied by His Mother and the apostles and disciples.
Extending His pierced hands over all in a last blessing, He ascends into heaven.
As He ascends a cloud takes Him from their sight.
Jesus ascends to take His place at the right hand of the Father.
What jubilation there must be amid the angels of heaven at the triumphant entry of Jesus.
The wounds in His glorified body are an endless plea before the Father on our behalf.
The disciples leave Mt. Olivet and "return to Jerusalem with great joy."
Spiritual Fruit: Christian Hope

Corey Feldman's New Memoir "Coreyography" 624,877 views Wendy Williams Published on Oct 30, 2013

Part of the Secret of the Hollywood Empire is that it is Lucefirian and follows wicked ways like Pedophelia as they did in the Roman Empire such as Tiberius - The Emperors of Rome, read more :

The Roman Emperor Tiberius (42 a.C.-37 d.C.) It is described by sources as a cruel man,.. Svetonio He tells us that with advancing age, in humans is irretrievably sharpened the existing and unhealthy sexual desire towards of boys and girls that, always according to what is narrated by the historian, He forced to consume reports in front of him to get excited. A perversion that is part of the pedophilia, although almost certainly in the case of Tiberius there was much more, or obsessive disorders, disinibizione e paranoia.

Interesting reading The Truth About The Movies by the Stars by Laurence Hughes  1924
What about censorship, p 45