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Will Latin America Go Dark after Hurricane Irma

Will Latin America Go Dark in a Couple of Days?

Friday 2017-09-08 2:00 PM

Equinix's NAP of the Americas in Miami

Will Latin America go dark in a couple of days once Hurricane Irma cross path with the City of Miami? It is a scenario no one wants to think about. No more shopping at Amazon, No more Google Searches, or tweeting the latest information to family and friend.  An for the Latin Americas this may be a scenario they will have to face in a couple of days. What will happen to the network infrastructure? Particularly to the network infrastructure in Latin America . Buildings and submarine cables going down will affect Latin America market.

The biggest network gateway between the US and Latin America is located in Miami called NAP of the Americas.  Equinix's NAP of the Americas in Miami are connected to holding Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Riot Games, IBM’s SoftLayer, Twitter, and Tencent in the America's data. Will Buildings fail the network? Will the submarines

Will Latin America go out in the dark after Hurricane Irma?

What will happen to Florida's Government Infrastructure and Business as it passes through the pass of angry Irma on Saturday Sept 9, 2017 and Sunday September 10, 2017. How will affect other countries infrastructure, one senior analyst explains in As Irma Heads for Florida, One Miami Data Center is Especially Critical :

The telecommunications market research firm TeleGeography, said. “From a network perspective, what’s so worrisome about Irma targeting Miami is that, not only does it present a risk to network infrastructure in the southeast coastal region, but it threatens communications across Latin America.”

According to PeeringDB, content and cloud service providers that host network nodes in NAP of the Americas include Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Riot Games, IBM’s SoftLayer, Twitter, and Tencent, among others.

If the company Equinix is lucky the Category 5 built building will withhold the Winds and Floods of Hurricane Irma and no network infrastructure will be affected in Latin America.

Ok so The Equinix building survives , what about the underground submarine cables moving Latin American traffic up to Miami .  For most LatAm networks, "Miami is the place to peer with one another and get access to major content providers.” And well we hope the underground submarine cables too survive without damage to the Latin American communication networks.

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