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Nursing Homes Not Right Choice

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Nursing Homes Not Right Choice

 Everyone grows old at some point, right! 25% of the population by 2036 will be seniors in canada?In a country like Canada, elders can be forced out of their homes.
homes through laws. Here is one.

An emergency call

An Emergency Call

If by any chance the paramedics have responded to a 911 call and an elder lives gets treated by the hospital. Then the elder can be sent to a nursing home unvoluntary.

In Canada, the government will assign a social worker and may never be allowed to return back to your care or their own home.

Voluntarily Looking For a Nursing Home

If you are a lucky one, and your loved one will be needing one in a decade or so. Think about this.

If you have not visited a nursing home before putting your loved home in one, then do it. Sooner than later. Down the road it will pay of when making the real decision.

Why a nursing home is not the best choice. Usually a nursing home is not a vacation home but a very sad reality for seniors. Read below before.

How many people have a loved one in the hospital or a nursing home?

Nursing homes is not the best place for your loved one to live in? There are several reasons why.

Nurses and health care aids interfere between the relationship of you and your love one?

Once the nurses and health care aids interfere and cause tension (instituation vs individual) relatives prefer not to visit.  It is a sad reality but family member never come to visit.

Your Opinion Does Not Matter

Once the elder has been in the hands of  the Nursing Home. Then the nurses, the health care aids and feel superior than the family member who is not the client.

If you want your love one to head to a Nursing Home this might change your mind.


What if you are told by a nurse that you are rude, what if the nurse says that the staff has made comments that you are it the job of the nurse to tell a family member during a visitation that they are rude and specially tell them that they are being commented on. Is this proffesional of the nurse to comment about visitors and to tell the visitor? Do you feel nursing homes create friction between family members and patient to provoke tension? Do you have the right to as a family member and loved one to speak up about the elder at a nursing ? Does the health care system keep track of people who complain about the health care system and call them rude as their defense? Nurses can be Bullies?

Never put your loved one in a nursing if they:

 can not talk for themselves such as speak a different language
 can not feed themselves

The reasons are the same as above. There is no middle ground the hospital will not morally or physically  represent neither your loved one or your own point of view of family members. Why because the Health Care system is a money making business like a Hospital. Any problems with either institutions can result to a lawsuit in which will result in loss of business and will cost the institution lots of money.

Hurricane Irma Can Be a Cat 5 

Published Sept 1, 2017 11:29 am Updated 12:49 pm version en espanol
Because of the devastation and concern the sleepy planet ( U.S ), it is leading the world by example. The world is waking up. And so before Hurricane Irma becomes a nightmare for some, the eyes wide open are on Hurricane Irma. The aim of this news tip is to ask questions and simply save lives. Start making the calls to the right districts of your area if the imminent threat is there. Start emergency preparing with family, neighbors near or far. Even if it does not make landfall. Think about food and transportation. Try Thinking first  help without  government. Look for your support group now. Your Go to group.

As of August 31, 2017 weather reporters start upgrading the storm Irma to a Hurricane by 11 am. There are two models being used to predict in a week what will happen to the people of the United States. The following hurricane models ar the Euro Model and GFS Model. But it is the words the predictors use that we must go by, the Fox News Reporter Janice Dean says it is going slow 10 miles per hour, the Scott from Nibiru Planet X channel says he is mind boggled how fast is seem to get caught referring to in a few days to come. So saving lives is what matters, and using models right now seems to be like tossing a quarter up in the air. Not good. So keeping Eyes wide open and asking critical questions to this difficult time in history.

Critical Thinking

Where & When will it hit?
What Category will it be? 
Whom shall we listen?
Which Model is most accurate?

Since, the following below videos have been chosen by most viewed within a day or two. So the news of Hurricane Irma is spreading like wild fire.

Through this communication process spreading like wild fire is of great danger for many living along the coastlines. Are living in one of the greater cities? Are you near a dam, reservoir, bayou, creek or levee. Pay attention that water will immediate rise and there will be no evacuation warning. The government may not want to cause immediate panic so they will give little if not no time. Making the situation an automatic disaster. Like Hurricane Harvey. If you are seeing the warnings from previous reports pay attention to strange animals creeping in near you, water creeping in unusual places etc.
Six most viewed videos from Youtube since their uploads of August 31, 2017 are analyzed. By the Time you were watching most of the videos below , forecasters said in about eight hours will be the most accurate. So that would mean now. September 1, 2017 11 AM

805,824 views NEW - Tropical Update: Models show BIG CAT 5 to form in Atlantic - East Coast Heading

Where & When will it hit?East Coast of US South Carolina Sept 7, 2017
                                           Updated next day video Sept 10, 2017
What Category will it be?  Cat 5
Who is predicting?
Which Model is most accurate?ventusky and gfs
219,926 views August 31, 2017 by 13 news now channel
Hurricane Irma Outlook for Thursday, August 31 2017 uploaded 11 AM

Where & When will it hit?  Leward Island Sept 4-6, 2017
What Category will it be?Cat 4
Whom shall the world listen to? meterologist Tim Pandaji 

199, 447 views Since August 31, 2017 uploaded around 4 pm by End Time Seer Channel
Fox Extreme Weather says 'Very Dangerous Hurricane'

Where & When will it hit? Florida or Golf Coast, Golf of Mexico after Sept 9 not before hitting Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominica Republic before Sept 9, 2017
What Category will it be? Cat 5
Who is predicting? Janice Dean reports from the Fox Extreme Weather Center  end time seer from france
Which Model is most accurate? Euro model & GFS

84,288 views published August 31, 2017
Cat 4 Hurricane forming in Atlantic, Could Strengthen to a Cat 5
uploaded 24 hours ago around August 31, 2017 12pm
BP Earthwatch Channel calls it ""

Where & When will it hit?New Jersey and New York by Sept 9, 2017
What Category will it be? Cat 5
Whom is predicting?BPEarthwatch
Which Model is used?GFS
35,288 views published august 31, 2017 by Nibiru Planet X News
uploaded 15 hours ago around August 31, 2017 9pm

Scott from Nibiru Channel calls it "This would be an absolute devasting situation... for Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York..absolutely tragic". Scott is mind boggled on how fast the storm gets caught up.

Where & When will it hit?New Jersey and New York by Sept 9, 2017
What Category will it be? Cat 5
Who is predicting?Scott from Nibiru Planet X Channel
Which Model is used?
26,996 views published august 31, 2017 by HURRICANE IRMA WILL BREAK ALL RECORDS THAT HARVEY JUST SET, SEPTEMBER 2017! by Omega Watchman uploaded 14 hours ago around August 31, 2017 7pm

Where & When will it hit?North Missing US Coast and Puerto Rico and Cuba (Euro) by Sept 5
                                          Gulf of Mexico after Sept 5
What Category will it be?  Cat 5 or Higher
Who is predicting?Meteorologist
Which Model is most accurate? GFS & Euro