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Top Viral Videos Hurricane Harvey

Top Amazing Viral Videos of Hurricane Harvey Disaster

August 31, 2017 5:32 pm updated 6:46 pm

Just a word for the readers, the videos that have been put out with animals, notice their fear. When animals appear to us, it is to warn us about something. Notice the Hawk or the Deers that appear in the videos came one on August 25, 2017 ( Harvey the Hawk), ( alligators) and the other August 26, 2017 (the family of deers ). Animals are more in tune with nature and are spiritual creatures.

Houston Highways and Airport Flooded Houston under water Hurricane Harvey #Houston 1,903,873 views 3K 872 SHARE

Live TV Water Rescue - Houston Flood 2016 1,464,477 views 3K 250 Shares

Historic Floods Hit Houston as Hundreds Rescued from Water | NBC Nightly News 1,435,559 views 7K 800 SHARE

Over Seven Hundred Thousand Views Since Hurricane Harvey

So adorable, where is the mama deer?
Woman doesn’t close backdoor as storm nears, is stunned when she finds 3 baby deer inside 786,999 views

Over 600, 000 views

Hurricane Harvey warning: Beware of alligators 681,504 views

Over Five Hundred Thousand Views Since Hurricane Harvey


HOUSTON Flooding!! Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera!!! 517,057 views 1K 261 shares August 28, 2017

Over 300,000 views

Hurricane Harvey Flooding In The Woodlands Texas 2017 339,108 views August 27, 2017

Waves Break Over Interstate 10 as Tropical Storm Harvey Brings Devastating Flooding to Houston 307,271 views 302 16 shares August 29, 2017

Houston man catches fish in home flooded by Hurricane Harvey. 304,540 views 1K 85 SHARE

Harvey the Hurricane Hawk: Scared Hawk in Taxi Finds Man Who Will Help | The Dodo 316,754 views
HOUSTON FLOODING FOOTAGE!!! (SHOCKING) 514,292 views August 27, 2017

Houston Floods Texas Emotional times shops empty buildings in smoke cars sunk #Houston 396,493 views 743 212 SHARE

NEW - Tropical Update: Models show BIG CAT 5 to form in Atlantic - East Coast Heading 388,600 views 4K 249 SHARE

Over 200, 000 thousand views

Hurricane Harvey, by Fox News

Between 100,000 - 200,000 views

Hurricane Harvey: Saving displaced pets - BBC News 148,759 views 1K 73 SHARE

THE REAL TRUTH About Hurricane Harvey And What They’re NOT Telling You!!!! 141,833 views 3K 477 SHARE

Shortages Videos Warning After Disasters like Hurricane Harvey

Gas Stations Run Out of Fuel in Texas, Insider "No more Shipments for 7-10 Days, At least" 2,190 views 215 SHARE