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Taylor Swift New Invention

Fabulous Wardrobe Taylor Swift

August 27. 2017 8:30pm

The Wardrobe worn by Taylor Swift newest video was edgy and yet classy. At first, I thought here we go another zombie video. Oh yeah, Halloween is around the corner. But later the image changed to her famous story line video. The making fun of herself was not that necessary, it was cute and comical. The ballroom scene with the background dancers was out of place. Watch the latest of Look What You Made Me Do already premiered video.

Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do Official Video


Is Taylor Swift Really Re Inventing Her Image

August 25. 2017 4:20 pm 

Official #LWYMMDvideo world premiere. Sunday 8/27 at the @vmas
So the Drama continues with Taylor Swift new invention.

 While Taylor Swift is trying to create a new image for herself others are saying "nu uh" those are mine. Let us find out.

Prince Cover

Right Said Fred

Beyonce's Lemonade 

Prince Cover Album

Just as soon as Taylor Swift  released her new Song, Look What You Made Me Do, it has been a sensation and a talk all over about her violating copyright infringements.  It was not at all the case. squashes all possibilities of there being copyright infringements.

Nope, the cover did not look the same as Prince's Album. Of course Prince Pop Star is not here to defend his case. Everyone has the right to pose behind any similar any physical item if they want. It is called freedom. As a matter of fact, Prince had his belief imprinted on the newspapers nothing close to Taylor Swift Album Cover.

Right Said Fred

Meanwhile Right Said Fred came to their defense saying on twitter " Thank you Taylor for the reinvention". Meaning they felt it was an inspiration perhaps a copyright infringement. squashes that. There were no similarities to the beat. Right said Fred will be releasing a new single in a couple months, so they are grabbing as much publicity that they can while they can. The closest the Right Said Fred 90's popular band is to Taylor Swift, is their knuckle promoting on their Twitter front page picture to Taylor's Good Morning america


Beyonce's Lemonade

So the "haters are going to hate" are Taylor's words. So the haters are saying that she is copying Beyonce because the video is set in a ballroom. The ballroom theme has been overly done in the past few years on many music videos. This is what one writer form reported online:

The Beyhive was quick to point out that the scene had some similarities to Beyoncé’s Lemonade visual album. In the video for Lemonade track “Sorry,” Beyoncé and Serena Williams dance in the halls of a lavish Louisiana plantation while wearing black leotards. The diva also donned the look with an army of similarly dressed backup dancers during her performance of “Formation” at Super Bowl 50.


This is all the same when realeased a new song for the  Madonna 2007 album. The talk about one of her video imagery and cover album being an infringement to some photoshoot.