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Instagram Trends

Kylie Jenner Underboob Crop Top  is it a Trend

Can Instagram Create  a Trend?

August 31, 2017 9:41 pm

Can Instagram Create a Trend. Anyone ask themselves why even instagram was created. It is an interesting thought to ponder on. Instagram is all about photography. So although it may be about photography it may not create a trend. There are several reasons why. Just because we like a photograph does not mean anything. Instagram is all about creating followers and getting and receiving likes. Perhaps building a fan base for whatever cause. So it may be like a moving vehicle to get us to an actual location. But the vehicle is there to get the viewer somewhere. The instagram viewers still have to get out of the car. So the instagram viewer does not make the choice  of what the viewer does afterwards. So what we do once we get out of the car is what matters.  Instagram being viewed as the car is the best example. The trend occurs after the viewer gets out of the car (instagram).

Similar to baiting people online  published Feb 17, 2011

From Jessica Booth article entitled "8 Random Things That Will Be Really Popular On Instagram This Summer" written on Friday, June 30, 2017 created a random analyses.

 Today Emily Farra's questioned Vogue readers  "If a Trend only exists on instagram or does it exist at all?" . Although the thought is pleasant that instagram can create trends it is to a certain extent.

 It can only inspire girls to wear certain outfits. But the average girl can only look up to the instagram poser. Depending also what vogue calls trends. A trend can be something only celebrities are wearing so it is a celebrity trend. A street style trend for example is something found on the street. So I would have to actually send some kind of investigator out on the streets to answer your question. What you find on the streets is what people are actually wearing. Also  perhaps doing  a search on Instagram on how many people are wearing the actual outfits after the Instagram was sent. That is another way to answer vogue's question.

Type of Photography

Real Life Scenario or Paid Target Advertisement

One thing to take into consideration is whether the actual individuals  posting a photo for Instagram actually has the same lifestyle as the poser.

Celebrity lifestyles do not match the followers lifestyle. What type of photograph is it? Is it a pose such as a setting or a photoshoot or is it a real life event. Usually you can tell if its a paid advertisement or not. Is it the instagram getting paid for the photograph or is it a personal photograph. Usually a viewer can tell if it is a paid advertisement or not. Usually the viewer can change its mind if it is a paid advertisement. The viewer may feel they were specifically targeted to purchase the outfit.


Usually a follower or viewer may not be interested in wearing the outfit because they have a different  lifestyle. Such as the Kyle Jenner may be her way to attract her fans and followers but not the average teenage girl may be prohibited to wear that at school. The number of followers does not also predict a trend will occur.


Just because an instagram has lots of likes does not guarantee the follower will go out and purchase the outfit tomorrow. There may be no retailers actually selling the outfits like the "underboob" or as suggested from Vogue Fendi 2017 runaway. How many retailers actually used it..


Can the outfit seen on instagram accessible to the viewer. Can it be purchased anywhere? Can it be do it yourself? Etc

Emily's questioned to specific items

1) High-cut thong swimsuits, as seen on every Jenner and Kardashian.
2) Kylie Jenner's underboob the new side boob?
3) Wooden clutches, namely the Cult Gaia Ark bag.

If we were to focus just on the three options Emily gave as a choice, then the  High Cut Thong swimsuits and  Straw beach and hand Bags, close to the Wooden Clutches made it on both of the list of Jessica' list of Summer 2017 top instagram trends.