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Does Miley Leave Nothing to the Imagination

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Does Miley Leave Nothing to the Imagination

August 25, 2017 8:40 pm

Miley Cyrus - Younger Now (Official Video) MileyCyrusVEVO MileyCyrusVEVO

The number 9 seems to be Miley Cyrus numbers the 9th month on the 29th day, because that is the time the album hits the market. But wait eventhough Miley Cyrus is not causing that much attention as Taylor Swift new single out that came out last night it is causing sensation in other venues of her career.  With over 15 million views already out as seen on mileycyrusVevo she realeases her video immediately .  Leaving nothing to the imagination. Miley Cyrus does not leave us waiting for what next. Which is very different  than Taylor's swift lyric video. The killer album cover of Miley Cyrus is all about the leather beads, and embellishment. Her hair do is rocking it. In comparison with Taylor Swifts cover Album , Miley Cyrus is tasteful and fun.

Miley Cyrus new single is #YoungerNow has been realesed August 17, 2017

So Miley Cyrus album cover artistic expression may not look like it is going through a crisis in one sense. But look at the latest pose for photographer David Lachapelle new book called Lost + Found to be released soon. Miley Cyrus poses nude with apple blossom flowers all around her in the background seeming a little off from the joyful magical look.  Not sure if she is posing as a butterfly, fairy, angel or simply the colors of her aura the image is being defined as the contradiction of David Lachapelle's imagination.

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