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Newest July 30, 2017 entitled  "Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Event of the Century ".
Watch video below "Event of the Century Solar Eclipse" by Megatrndz


New July 22, 2017 entitled "Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017  ". Watch video below "Event of the Century Solar Eclipse" by Megatrndz

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Yellowstone Supervolcano

Earthquakes are striking on a regular basis now but Yellowstone which is a very important Supervolcano that has got international attention from the Internet viewers such as Coast to Coast AM George Noory, Paul Begley, Hagmann Report, Daboo77, Steve Quayle, TruNews, and The Leak Project.

Why these researchers and journalists have been making so much noise about this volcano located in Montana, is because of its potential damage it could cause. Because there are only 10 super volcanoes around the world and one of them is like a ticking bomb. The Yellowstone super volcano lies over three Calderas. There are over two billion of acres of protected land lies between Wyoming and Montana. Five miles below the waterfalls and mountain peak is filled with molten rock. The size of the danger if  the Super volcano called Yellowstone would be over 100 miles .If Yellowstone Super volcano were to erupt dangerous gases and ashes would  impact over 80, 00 feet above the air.

On July 3, 2017 the Leaked Project

He states that the average quakes per year at the Yellowstone Volcano range from 1000 to 3,000. Just on the July 3, 2017 week alone there has been more than 1,000 quakes. And to add more to this terrifying stats just on July 3 2017 there was 110 quakes. In the last two weeks 870 quakes have occured.

Leaked Plan to Ignite the Yellowstone Volcano - Earthquakes Reach Yearly Average in 2 Weeks
While the reports were spreading on July 7, 2017 there was a magnitude 5.8 near Lincoln Montana.

It is long overdue a repetitive phrase becoming the new normal.  In the July 5, 2017 The Hagmann Report  entitled "What's Going on with Yellowstone?... " Steve Quayle states:

 starting May and June the average amount of Quakes in Yellowstone is one to three thousand a year we just had a 4.8 is one of the largest quakes in the last 34 years the infamous Alaskan quake that made a 7.0 trigger 7.3 earthquake basically creating quake Lake in which people in a campsite loss arrives that was generated in Alaska.

What's Going on with Yellowstone? Peru? Steve Quayle on The Hagmann Report 7/5/17

By July 9 and 10th of July the following has been reported on the website

To this date The road between Roaring Mountain and Willow Park is under construction. Several closures remain in effect while work continues on a new trail and overlook on the hill south of Grand Prismatic Spring.
WARNING: Yellowstone About To Blow. Gigantic Well of Molten Carbon Blow Akin to Nuclear Warfare!

A Massive Gash Opens Up Next to the Yellowstone Caldera posted by The Christian Truther.
A great 2014 documentary found on Youtube "Yellowstone's Doomsday Volcano" shows the scenario of  what would happen if the sleepy giant volcano wakes up and becomes a mega disaster zone.