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Rose Hip A Wild Food Edible Plant

Rose Hip A Wild Food Edible Plant

Philosophy of  Life

Believe it or not some of our plants we ignore and consider wild are super foods. Just remember what came first wilderness or the food market.

 I thought I would include wild edible foods into the website because it is a spreadable talking trend. So make sure to spread the word of good health. Remember knowledge is power and the more we inform ourselves we become more blessed and enriched.

These incredible plant is full of nutrients, vitamins, calcium, iron and minerals. Rose hips have been found to have 50% more vitamin C than Oranges.

The Rose Hip is an edible food, found in North American. In Canada, the Wild Roses can be found in the wilderness where they flourish on their own.  Depending on the environment, they will thrive easily if they get the proper survival mechanism. Most wild roses love not too much Sun and a lot of Water. These wild edible plant grow in bushes and can reach up to 6 to 7 feet high. A single Wild Rose Bush can give over a hundred Rose Hips

Rose Hips are the remainder of the plant after it has blossomed. The Rose flower falls of the plant and it becomes a Rose Hip. In the Rose Hip are numerous seeds. Each of these seeds can be grown as a new Wild Rose Plant. A very nutrient fruit that can be eaten raw, or cooked. Here are some different ways to eat it.

1. Drank in Tea
2. Raw when Ripe
3. Eaten in Jelly

2. Raw when Ripe

Rose Hip fruit has been compared to having the taste of fuyu persimmon.

3. Eaten in Jelly

How to Make Rose Hip Jelly- No Sugar- Wild Foood by Natural Man


The Rose Hip is also made into a fragrance or into Rose Hip Oil. Rose hips help complexion also considered an anti-aging agent.

How to make Rose Hip Oil (+anti-ageing facial oil)

**How to Make Rose Oil** Cold Infusion Method by Michelle Czolba



Rose Hips is also used for medicine. Rose Hips is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

These useful multipurpose plant can be added to your garden today. Simply  click here or copy and paste .