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Experiencing Heaven

More and more people are experiencing moments in Heaven. It takes some serious disaster or tragedy or significant events in our lives . My very own inclination in finding out more about Heaven came to be when my very own Father Felix Eudoro Gonzalez passed away.  The place where Heaven lies starts in the center of our Heart. Later on as we leave our flesh we are transported to the realms of the afterlife a very awesome place called Heaven. There is the precise Theological mean in which I will devour in the literature meaning of famous and historical Christian theologians. But for the purpose of this post the focus will be on the experiences of the individuals. One must first begin with the journey of the individual who knows nothing about Heaven. The questioning of our thoughts such as what is Heaven will lead us to finding out more to the correct answer as seen in the Bible. We begin with the clear everyday most basic non Bible meaning without Philosophy or Biblical meaning.

What is Heaven?

 Is it a place? Is it another dimension.

Heaven Biblical Meaning

The Bible mentions Heaven numerous times. (Acts 3:1-10) Peter heals the lame beggar.

Description of Heaven

Witness have defined Heaven like that of the Bible. Heaven is made out of Gold.

Who Visits Heaven

Can Anyone visit Heaven? Must one die before one visits Heaven?

Is Heaven Eternal?

Heaven Visitation Testimony

Below there are a few video testimonies of their experience in Heaven.

The first testimony happens in the Church, Alan describes his body being transported to another realm. At first Alan hears a voice that sounds like rushing waters. Alan's gets transported to beautiful city made out of Pearl. He then walks through "those gates". He recounts his "mind could not conceive what he was about to  see" as he walked through the "the streets of gold". He describes the streets of gold being different... "they were suspended" Alan says. "Like a body highway with no visible means of suspension" he further explains. Alan recollects the area as "cascading out of the throne of God a massive waterfall which I believe flows the river of life."

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