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River Piracy Phenomena Trend

The River Piracy Phenomena is an uncommon event not yet seen in historical times.

Is it possible for a river to disappear. Can the flow of a river change its course. Well that has been the case in Canada's Slim river. The Slim River is fed by Canada’s Kaskawulsh Glacier and it has vanished in only four days .

Cracks and sinkholes can be the cause of rivers disappearing in countries such as
Russia, Mexico and Africa. But an entire river changing its course and then disappearing is a phenomena that may need further investigation.

An Entire River in Canada has Vanished by Daboo77

Paul Begley lets us know that " you will see great signs in the heavens but you will also see great signs on Earth,... and it is going to get crazy..He says that those are the biblical signs mentioned in the Bible. See video below

Breaking: "Canada River Vanishes In 4 Days" Whaaaaaaaaat?

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