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The Eucharist

The Faith Behind The Eucharist

What is the Eucharist?

The Eucharist is made of  Bread received at Catholic Church for those whom have faith in Jesus Christ.

Where is the Eucharist Made?

The youngsters can not receive the Eucharist until they have received their Holy Communion. The Holy Communion is a yearly celebration of the Holy Catholic Church. Children as young as nine years old can receive for the first time the Eucharist. The Priest of the the Holy Catholic Church is the first one who gives the Eucharist by hand to the Catholic Believer during Mass. For the ill that are bedridden can receive their Eucharist for a Catholic Priest at their request. By Hand The Priest gives the Faithful the Bread in their Mouth or in the both folded Palm of their Hand.

Who Created The Eucharist?

Jesus Christ Performs The First Eucharist

Our Lord, Jesus Christ performed the first Eucharist in front of this 12 Apostles. Jesus Christ taught his 12 Aportles how to do the Eucharist when he broke the bread and said to them " Take this and Eat from this in memory of me".  Jesus Christ was performing a SANCTIFICATION or BLESSING his Children. What was the Setting that Jesus Christ performed the Eucharist. Jesus Christ broke the bread in front of this disciples while they were sitting around the table eating, called "The Last Supper".

And just as Our Lord, Jesus Christ did the Eucharist in front of his faithful followers to this day his words are repeated in Mass just before the Priest gives out the "Eucharist" or the Bread of Life.

The Eucharist Cleanses Our Souls a PURIFICATION

It is believed that the Bread of life received in Mass will cleanse our souls from our daily sins, a Purification. It is a restoration of Faith to Our Lord. Our Lord, Son of God, spoke to his  12  Apostles that he was brought from God and that he would die for our Sins.  Mankind is a sinner. Jesus Christ knew that one must forgive ourselves from our Sins.

Why is Attending Catholic Mass Important?

There are two very important reasons one attends Mass,  it is very simple, Words and Food.
When we attend Church it is to listen to the Words of Jesus Christ as a reminder why each of us are here in this World. Why God sent us on this very Earth created by Him. One must listen to the very same words Jesus Christ said to his People 2, 500 approximately years ago.  The Second is to receive the Food to cleanse our Body, Spirit and Soul.
Words and Food. In pursuing this occasion we will not go astray, and we will be guided straight to Heaven. Heaven is Celestial Place God wants all of us to be destined to go when we leave our Bodies after Death.

 So it is important to attend Church at least once a week to cleanse our souls from daily unclean ways.

What does the Act of Breaking the Bread mean?

Michale calls the day that Jesus Christ performed the First Eucharist as  " One Sublime Act".
Listen to the Church Militant explain  why Jesus Christ broke the Bread infront of his Disciples:

 Jesus Christ looking up to heaven to his father took that bread and broke it and gave it to his Disciples  show that he was the one in control. He broke his body remember he said earlier in his public ministry "I lay my life down freely" the Good Shepherd lays down his life for his Sheep the Good Shepherd lays down his life for his Sheep. Nobody takes his life from him. He lays it down freely. Jesus took that bread and broke it as a symbol to let them know that "I  am doing this and he broke the bread and in breaking the bread and making the offering he makes himself the Priest he's making the offering but what he's offering is "himself" that bread is "Him".

The One True Faith—Eucharist Church Militant Church Militant

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