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The number repetition trend- 323

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Over and over again, we are seeing massive animal deaths. Once again the bible mentions. On September 3, 2016 Antlers left behind and strategically placed on top of the Reindeers. The Missing heads is sign. Over a 250 circumference area,  323 multiple reindeer appear dead in Norway. Listen to Mr. Cati from Youtube explain the coding number theory, very interesting, he calls the event" the Norway Dead Reindeer ritual and the face of the beast observation"on 09.03.16. Because Norway's Reindeers massive dead event is  so close to where the Cern Collider exists , he connects both events.

This is the Mr. Cati report, he states:

This brief report will show and discuss the X location, noted for the recent Norway 323 dead reindeer report. As such, this report will show what many will call an obscure observation. While this observation will be dismissed by others, as just a natural formation of rocks, that form a face and head, for me, the plausible possibility is understood, for it should be first noted, that this finding was first located by the X location of the 323 dead reindeer, some of which had their heads missing.
The X produced and observed in the report, is once again the marking point for this observed face and head. To ignore the X finding it to ignore the spot and the face in the spot that the X denotes. I have observed the X location, and in doing so, I have found the face of a demon beast, that for me, was always a part of this ritual sacrifice, that involved 323 dead reindeer, some with their heads missing.

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