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August 30, 2016 Stockpile Trend

Food Stockpile Trend

Just what does the little squirrel do all day ...Stock pile food! That is what the world governments are asking people to do? Remember in the Bible verse of Genesis 37 the dream Joseph interpreted to the Pharaoh.

 That is what we are being asked around the world to do since the news first broke out August 21, 2016.

Below there are several videos circulating the internet this past week.

On August 21, 2016 Israeli News reported...

On August 22, 2016 Lisa Haven from her youtube video reported...

On August 22, 2016 The Youtuber TruthUnveiled77 reported:
That’s all world governments seem to be pushing for these days… Take Germany, for instance. As of Sunday, August 20th, 2016, a 69-page report from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) announced that the nation will introduce its first civil defence strategy since the end of the Cold War, calling on the population to stockpile enough food and water for several days the immediate deployment of military troops. This is so that the military can respond to major terror assaults, according to the strategy.
But Germany isn’t alone!
Because America has also been vehemently prepping for national emergencies and emergency situations. Just like President Obama teaming up with FEMA Director Craig Fugate, as well as Homeland Security, and many other Alphabet Soups.
Not to mention major preparation tests, such as the man-made Louisiana flood, disease outbreak in Haiti, military deployment in Venezuela, and food shortages throughout much of the world.