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Unusual Climate Change Trends

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Unusual Climate Changes in 2015- 2016

Nancy Lieder from Zeta report has some interesting facts to note for the earth's unusual climate change in 2016. Nancy quotes "almost every day records are being broken" and everyday is a 100 year storm.  However Nancy claims climate change from the Zeta's perspective is not man made but created due to the approach of planet of Nibiru. "This planet Nibiru is pulling its magnetic Pole towards us and that has a charged tail ..drags behind it..its fast...dropping red dust.interfering with out magnetic fields ..messing around with our electrical system..making people feel woosy " says Nancy Lieder.

Earth's Wobble

 So the Earth is on wobble caused by the planet Nibiru. It is causing the Earth's climate change and chaos and getting more vicious. This is not caused by hotter air but rather the Eath's wobble. Nancy states that "The Earth's Wobble began in 2004 after Nibiru arrived in the inner solar system in 2003" (5:05). If you track the Earths's wobble you will see it is happening.

Sun Rising Further East

People in Dubai are observing the Sun rising in the East and had to move 20 degrees further, than expected in order to see the sunrise. The Sun is not where it normally rises.

 In Denmark, Sybil twilight is arriving at 1 am, when the sun does not rise until 4 am. Sybil twilight occurs and hour before sunrise.

For the readers whom do not have time to listen to the full  hour read notes below. Follow graphs and notes communicated by the Zeta Report  November 2015 video during the minutes the notes are being stated below.

So Watch the Sunrise and experience the Earth's Wobble.


Permafrost and Arctic melting. Heat coming from below from the Core of our Earth. Thus the Permafrost is melting from bottom up, the core of the Earth, the magma. (7:17). Due to this reason there has been an increase in volcanic activity. "This increase in undersea volcanoes in Indonesia is the source of the El Nino events" says Nancy. Houses have lost their footing. Why, Rocks are heating from below and heat rises.

Methane Pools

The Wobble creates plate movement and trapped vegetation between rock layers is releasing methane. Methane is created underground.
Rotting vegetation will produce methane pools and when that is released birds dropping out of the dying..and people methane poising.

Jet Stream Contorted

Nancy Lieder explains that the jet stream should be like a v shape dipping over the South and coming back up. " So where it comes in and where leaves is on the same latitude.. now its almost vertical" says Nancy (12:00 min).

Ocean Waters

The Ocean waters from the Pacific and Atlantic should be washing back and forth. The Jet Stream represents the atmosphere and the sea creatures like the sea lions are noticing and getting sick.

Zeta Report Climate Change Impact


Record breaking floods around the World from New York, Phoenix, China, Kashmir, Croatia.
Places like in Southern Texas have had huge amounts of rain.


Droughts are being seen in places where not seen before.
 Drought in Deluge would switch about predicted in 1995 by the Zeta. (19: 37 min)


Tornadoes are appearing in usual places.(21:58 min). In the United States, The average tornadoes per decade has increased since the 1950s from 1950s averaging 8 per year to 2010s averaging 30.5 per year.

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