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Chemtrails: The New Climate Change Agenda Trends

Chemtrails: The New Climate Change Agenda

Our Skies are changing.
Trees are collapsing. Toxic Soils, Eco-systems. Forest are Collapsing with  Soil Changing Phd  up to 10 times of the alkalinity . Ozone Destruction. Skies are changing. Skies filled with Aerosol. Changes in Agriculture.

Genetically Modifying Forests. Changes in Atmospheric conditions. Programs that have existed over 40 years are " very destructive to humans health and Eco systems around the world "  says Michael Murphy, President of the Coalition against Geoengineering and producer of  documentary What in the World Are They Spraying.

In Chicago and Hawaii, for example where an abundance of rain in areas, and trees are collapsing. In Arizona, 20% of the trees are dying.

Toxic Chemicals being sprayed onto our Earth's Eco- System. Chemicals such as Aluminum is the primary ingredient found in the spray. Listen to the full report of Coast to Coast with Michael J. Murphy and What in the World Are They Spraying.

Coast to Coast; Michael J. Murphy; Geoengineering and the climate change agenda

Published on Jan 28, 2016 Director/Producer of "WHAT and WHY int he World are They Spraying?" Discusses new film, "UNconventional Grey" :UNconventional Grey" is a film about geoengineering in relation to the climate change agenda.

UNconventional Grey

“An Unconventional Shade of Grey” is a call to action film. The film mentions how we are moving forward with the Aerosol Collection Project. How  airplanes are taking aerosol plumes into the environment full of contaminants. It also shows how positive tests  will be inarguable court admissible evidence proving that geoengineering is occurring and changing/manipulating our climate.

Why in the World Are They Spraying