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‪‪Michoacán‬, ‪Mexico‬, ‪Pope Francis‬‬ 2016 Tour Trend

Today being 2016.02.16 as the number 16 is repeated to this date with a special number decoded:

The number sixteen is symbolic of love and loving. Christians are to become perfected in God's love not just by physically obeying the Commandments (which should be done anyway) but also by following the full spiritual INTENT of our Creator's laws and judgments (Matthew 22:37 - 40). This duality of true love is represented by 8 + 8 = 16.

A few days after Valentine's Day , the Pope Francis is already in Mexico continuing his tour since February 12, ending on the 17th. Today, Tuesday February 16, 2016 The Pope ( Papa Francisco will be passing through the poverty streets damaged by drug violence, Morelia, capital of Mexican State of Michiocan. A few years back, The town of Morelia has been close to a civil war. Pope Francis will be visiting the downtown Cathedral  where he will lead mass.

Just last year, from the same town of Merelia Alberto Suarez Inda was assigned to be a Cardinal for the Catholic Church. Together the Pope and the Cardinal are passing along a strong message to stand by their flock. The Catholic Religion is the strongest and Highest religion domineering in Mexico.

So any message the highest of the Church represented by Pope Francis will definitely be heartly felt throughout the elites and among the poorest of the poor , the most strongest and the most weekest, the most wicked to the most devoted of Jesus Christ. Pope Francis was warmly received. When he left the Arena on February 16, 2016 the crowd of devoted Catholic Religion followers called out with love "We love you Pope Francis". Watch live below

On Valentine's Day, February 14, 2016 Pope Francis twitted "Jesus is waiting for us and wants to heal our hearts of all that tears us down. He is the God who has a name: Mercy."

Pope Francis will be addressing in the afternoon to the youth of Mexico, at the stadium ‘José Maria Morelos y Pavòn’. The official Vatican network promises: be a moving moment, one they will treasure. Let’s recall how Pope Francis said in his first speech to the nation. ‘One of Mexico’s greatest treasures is that it has a youthful face”.

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