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Food Justice Trend

GMO- Genetically Modified Organism

Do you know what is in your food? You may be thinking I can trust what is being sold to me in the grocery store, I can trust the corporations behind what is in my food, right. Wrong! Be Careful what you eat, what you do not know can hurt you?

Scientist are being allowed to put hands on certain foods sold at grocery stores that appear to be natural. Scientist have taken DNA from one organism and injected in another organism to enhance its durability making the organism less natural.

A good example are tomatoes dying from frost. So the scientist thought to add the DNA from an arctic flounder into the DNA of a tomato. Now you are eating an Arctic Flounder which is a living creature and a tomato which is a vegetable. Another bizarre thing we may be eating in our diet is wood, in the form of cellulose which is a virgin wood pulp found in our foods and  labeled as cellulose, gum, or powdered cellulose. Why have scientist  been adding wood in our foods it is for shelf storage at out supermarkets. Another bizarre thing to note is that cellulose is used also in plastics, kitty litter, glue and paint. Pepsi, Kellogg, Kraft, Nestle, General Mills and Dole and almost all restaurants purchase cellulose to make their products genetically modified.

In the below video you will learn more what GMO foods entails. You may think twice next time you go to the next fast food restaurants? Wether you are in a restaurant or at a grocery store do not be afraid to ask the cashier , is this a GMO food? If you are living in the United States the awareness may already be a huge conversation piece.

Today in 2015 over 70% of the food in the United States is GMO foods. In 2007, President Obama said he would label foods GMO for his elections. Its 2016, that promise made to the people of the United States  has yet to be fulfilled. It not surprising that  9 out of 10 Americans want the labeling of GMO . People do not just want the labeling of the foods to be there. People want to know what is in their foods. Knowing that a food is GMO, the people are able to make the decision for themselves and for their family. But one huge problem with labeling the product you by at the grocery store with GMO is the politics and money behind it. Corporations will loose credibility , trust and most of all sales.

Greedy Corporations

Over the past few decades as corporations grew bigger they also became greedier. And like huge corporations unlimited growth to that as a  giant around the world, the question has become is it forever. GMO foods are harmful to our health  and  it is a risk. Once the public finds out what has GMO their views of  where they shop for food or what corporation to buy from will shift. The economy buying demand will shift and once again the public will choose a healthier alternative.

Health Risks

Colon Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Breast Cancer

Sold As Genetically Modified in U.S

Sugar Beets
Hawaiin Papaya

Soy and Corn  Processed in:

Soy Flour protein
Corn Flour
Corn Syrup

The Truth May Scare You ( Part 17 ) by Knowthetruthstudio in 2013

The following are excerpts from The Truth May Scare You ( Part 17 ) by Knowthetruthstudio in 2013

Example of GMO Foods 

In the  4:00 minute mark of the video  The Truth May Scare You ( Part 17 ) by Knowthetruthstudio in 2013 Author Rachel Maddow explains " a gene out of bacterium and put it in corn so that the corn grows its out insecticide".  Rachel Maddow questions the public, Do i want to injest something that has been Genetically Modified.


A RT reporter explains what frakenfish.   In 2013, The FDA has given an  ok to Corporation General Electric to have Frankenfish or the genetically modified sterile fish that can be eaten by human and appearing in the supermarket. A much larger fish growing bigger and faster than a natural fish. So the supermarkets can stock food shelves faster with bigger fish. " This lab animal is loaded with questions that science can't answer, the biggest one how does that affect the health of somebody who eats it " quotes RT reporter in 2013 at (6:14min) of The Truth May Scare You ( Part 17 ). The reporter further explains that only 6 of this frankenfish have been tested and they have been found to have traces of a growth hormone called IGH1 which have been linked with Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer.


Meat is injected with ammonia to kill bacteria of ecoli, the same ammonia being used to clean our floors to kill bacteria.

Chickens not only are injected hormones, tylenol, benadryl, prozac but also arsenic.

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