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Gulf of Aden Vortex

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The Gulf of Aden Vortex Trend

The Gulf of Aden Vortex has been under scrutiny for several years now.
It is believed that in this historical and biblical area is a stargate with paranormal activity.

On December 7, 2010, Wikileaks a Global Intelligence Files database reported the following article called Mysterious "Vortex" warned is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe:

A bizzare report ..... a "mysterious magnetic vortex" currently centered in the Gulf of Aden...and China to shut it down, or even to ascentain its exact origin or "cause for being".

The article is not clear of what exactly wether or not it is some kind of device or machine that the article is referring to "shut it down". It almost sounds like it is a machine like that of Cern or perhaps like HAARP. With that being said one can speculate that a machine like CERN has been in operations before the article had been written in 2000. The Russians report in this article that the "machine" that needs to be shut down is being operated by the United States or China.

The article posted on Wikileaks  goes on to show how US scientist "began noticing the formation of this vortex in the late year of 2000 so immediately after the date of the article . Originally Naval forces were said to protect the Gulf of Aden from Somalian Pirates instead they found the most  bizzare conflict in human history :

 "the largest of its kind in human history and that Russia is "prepared" to join with the American to "defeat" what many world officials believe is an attack upon our planet by "forces" previously unknown, but described as possibly being "inter-dimensional" or "extraterrestrial".

The article written by the Russian Official does not get into details of what is meant by the following words; forces, inter-dimensiaonal and extraterrestrial. However, the word "vortex" was a word deliberately used in context.


In Wikipedia definition a vortex is "fluid dynamics, a vortex is a region in a fluid medium in which the flow is mostly rotating around an axis line, the vortical flow that occurs either on a straight-axis or a curved-axis."

wikipedia a rigid body vortex
wikipedia- an irrotation vortex
Wikipedia- Pathlines of fluid particles around the axis (dashed line) of an ideal irrotational vortex. (See animation)


It is believed that there is a Portal, an intergalactic Stargate in the Gulf of Aden. One of the reasons being strange magnetic anomaly present in the area. According to wikipedia definition a portal is "A magical or technological doorway that connects two locations, dimensions, or points in time."

CERN Stargate Portal Opening Imminent? War In Yemen; Gulf Of Aden Vortex; Norway Spiral Connected?


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