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Account Suspension Trend Donald Trump or Jack Dorsey

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    Account Suspension Trend   
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   Account Suspension Trend Donald Trump or Jack Dorsey  


    Account Suspension Trend   

Is it the games of thrones or kingdom against kingdom.

Meanwhile the Account Suspension Trend continues as the fuel rises between a President of a Country or a CEO of a company. Who will win this trend.

He will probably go down as most effective President to Use Twitter in History.. President Donald Trump is not backing down.

So when is Enough ENOUGH.

Now the President of the United States has taken his Presidency personal. In a meeting with Ceo Jack Dorsey, Trump accuses Twitter of playing “political games" and tampering with his nearly 60 million followers. Sounds like fair grounds for a little more than just accusation but regulations. President Trump is planning to regulate Tech giants.

So the question remains, should twitter CEO Jack Dorsey receive a few penalties in this one.

An advice to the President of the United States , use your power while you can because today you hold the key to many doors, tomorrow you may be heading out the door.

Like playing the game of  reality show Survivor, the dumbest mistake players make, is to be kicked out while never having used the immunity idol.