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Asteroid Trends 2016

Continued from Asteroid Trend 2016
Present Time 6:00pm September 23, 2016 CST

Billion of Asteroids fragments heading towards our Planet Earth September 23- 25, 2016

Asteroid named 2009ES, watch for #asteroid 2009ES  #meteor

 About 39 minutes ago Just shortly before midnight London Time on September 24, 2016 there were twitter reports #meteor of meteor in London and Surrey,  England at the same time Netherlands was also viewing the meteor. But  First the meteor was reported by a viewer East of London, then Quinton, Birmingham minutes later tweeted  in Holland.

On September 22, 2016 the AMS already 125 reports of fireballs streaking the sky in New Hampshire and Montreal.

Published on Sep 23, 2016 that:

Asteroid 2009ES, not Bennu was the target for the Osiris Rex rocket. The asteroid, which shows a close to near earth impact on September 23-25th has been nuked and fragments are now falling to earth as fireballs and "meteors" Reports coming from Montreal, Quebec, Massachussets, New Hampshire.

While Asteroids fragments are to fall on planet earth on today's date and the next couple of days, perhaps one main concern is the "motherless babies!" news is deeper. Have you heard of the latest news where babies do not need a female egg to become a fetus? Huh... yes two male sperms can now create a fetus? It is possible. First reported on September 13, 2016 by the UK metronews entititled "‘Motherless’ babies could be created from skin cells and sperm, scientists claim Read more:" Should we be worried? In the meantime...

Asteroids falling on our heads seems a little more like the netflix drama called The 4400. Just like  Dr. William Mount  reported on his youtube video talking about September 16, 2016 article of aol article entitled  " an apocalyptic asteroid with the power of  3 billion of nukes may be headed to Earth. it is no joke and Chinese experts are backing up the story. So aol news reported stated:

It might be time to stock up on emergency supplies and finally invest in that fallout shelter you've been talking about building -- not that it would really do you too much good in this scenario.

Urgent Asteroids headed toward Earth? by William Mount

Some Say an Asteroid to Strike Planet in 48 hrs by Paul Begley

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