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Watch megatrndz show hosted by veronica davis at

Website Developers

Want to put your computer skills at work. is a website constantly expanding as more information is added the database expands. In need of  an individual with website development or basic html coding skills .

Social Thinkers

Want to be a social seeker. A social climber, skip the media nay sayers. A social thinker. accepts volunteers and other bloggers that simply would like to make their platform bigger. Become an affiliate with

Critical Thinker
Are you a critical thinker in your community and want to get your story and voice heard. Does your story need attention and coverage online.

News Makers supports new news makers and news breakers. Would you like to be posted to


In the year 2018, lots of information will be communicated online. But mostly is done through facebook, youtube, twitter and pininterest. website can provide a platform to your petition and larger coverage. Simply send your petition story to

Writers website is looking for writers. If you like to write about a topic that is trending in your community and would like to get your story out.

Simply click on the upper right , the three line logo and scroll down to the contact form .


Do  you love fashion and love writing. Fashion Bloggers are always needed in your local area and send away your news. Interested in a certain topic that you like to talk about.

For Further information send a message to and send message

megatrndz is also available through