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The Economic Crash Trend

Thursday September 10, 2015

China Dumps A Record $94 Billion In US Treasuries In One Month by Daboo0077

On Wednesday September 9, 2015 reported:

Shortly after the PBoC’s move to devalue the yuan, we noted with some alarm that it looked as though China may have drawn down its reserves by more than $100 billion in the space of just two weeks. That, we went on the point out, would represent a stunning increase over the previous pace of the country’s reserve draw down, which we began documenting months ahead of the devaluation (see here, for instance). We went on to estimate, based on the projected size of the RMB carry trade unwind, how large the FX reserve liquidation might need to be to offset capital outflows and finally, late last week, we suggested that China’s official FX reserve data was set to become the new risk-on/off trigger for nervous, erratic markets. In short, the pace at which Beijing is burning through its USD assets in defense of the yuan has serious implications not only for investors’ collective perception of market stability, but for yields on core paper, for global liquidity, and for US monetary policy. On Monday we got the official data from China and sure enough, we find out that the PBoC liquidated around $94 billion in reserves during the month of August to $3.557 trillion (the lowest since September 2013)...

Closer to 115 billion is being reported to have been dumped by China. Here is what was further reported for the month of August according to

Tuesday August 25, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - August 25, 2015 Economic Crash, Science, Death, & Consciousness

On the Radio show Coast To Coast AM - August 25, 2015 Economic Crash:

Harry Dent, talked about the current stock market fluctuations, and his forecast of a major crash. The markets are finally beginning to react to the slowing Chinese economy, which is spilling over into the world economy through commodities prices, he explained, adding that China represents the biggest bubble in history, overbuilding everything just to keep their economy growing. History shows there are downward trends that last 12-15 years, and that's what we're facing in the next decade or so, he contended.

If we don't see a major crash this fall (September is typically the worst time for the stock market), we'll see a rebound, and then a huge downfall in 2016, he predicted. The real estate sector is also headed downward because the large Baby Boomer generation will eventually die off but there won't be enough young people to buy their homes, he reported. Dent advised people to cash out of stocks and real estate, and wait for the crash to happen, and then re-invest at the low point.

Wall street may see the month of August as a dark month in history.  The US Market is on its way down. Everyone is reporting the downfall."The Central Banks can't print money forever" 
says Kathryn Austin on Coast to Coast AM.

Monday  August 24, 2015

In the opening bell more than 1089 points plunged in the Dow Jones down during the first ten minutes of the day. 812 billion dollars in market value. The Dow dives 588 points at close. The Nasdaq was down 10%.

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