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Heavenly Mysteries Online Ministry

A continuation of Megatrndz website, brings a delightful website Heavenly Mystery Ministry  about finding our way to Heaven.

Our God and Savior, Jesus Christ knew everything was written in the Book of Life where the name of the saved are written. Palms was a symbol that God and Jesus Christ were to be received through Grace. Perhaps Palms is how we enter Heaven. Jesus Christ knew he was entering Heaven very soon and the Palms had to have been God's symbol for the end is near.

 It did not matter whether it was out of love or mockery how he was to enter Heaven. Because to our Lord, Jesus Christ he was not just human form but he was a gift to us from Heaven. Although I feel we all come from Heaven, Our Lord Jesus Christ specifically was Earth's substitute for purity, dignity, love, passion and perfection when he walked on Earth. When he left to Heaven he told us that he would remain in our Hearts and to maintain the Word of God.

 He told us, and at first to the Disciples to be perfect like him. Many times through out our lives people are mocked. Mocked because of  they are seen as Perfect. Mocked we are the true image of God.  The weak mock out of lack of perfection.  How could you understand something you have never been. Jesus taught that he was going to lead us through his perfect ways all the way to the day he was to be crucified. Strength come from perfection as Jesus had to endure the sacrifices for God in Heaven where he held his place. We are all the image of God from the first day he formed mankind. Today Cloning, Genetic Modified Organisms and other cheats of life will loose value of what God created. Society is loosing all hope that mankind is already created perfect spiritually. What matters is the inside and not the outside.

Jesus Knew what bullying was because he showed the world that we were to have trust in him and love will prevail through him. Carry the burden on him , in his Yoke analogy. Jesus was going to be the only mankind in perfection to live through all the horrible dark stages that mankind has created. Jesus is not telling us to be bullied or mocked or put yourself in harms way. For 33 years Jesus Christ walked on Earth as a sign and way what not to do because he would show us how not to loose fight in love.

 Jesus Christ is telling us to become more like the Word of God. Often we fall into the sins of imperfection because society laws are telling us it is ok such as Abortion, Bullying, Divorce, Gender Bending and Mockery. But those are the blemishes created by mankind. All the trends and imperfect trends created by man. Jesus told the Pharisees that mankind changed the laws of creation because of their hearts. We (mankind) corrupted our hearts and created Divorce or separation. But what God put together it could not be separated. I hold that phrase dear to my heart.  Minor fixes and boo boos that God can mend back, are the amount of disrespect for Parents. Where it is also written that Children will turn against their Parents but this too will not last forever. God hears every prayer and the more you pray Heavenly interventions happens on Earth. Just watch quietly the miracles of God in your home, family or at work.

Messianic Entrace of Jerusalem

The Lord's Entry into the Messianic City of Jerusalem

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Palms of Hand
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Yours Truly, Founder.
Founder of Heaven Mysteries Online Ministry,
 Veronica Davis