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Climate Chaos Trend: Two Eyes of the Monster

Climate Chaos TrendHistory Repetition Trend Nation Against Nation Trend
Climate Chaos  Trend: Two Eyes of the MonsterThursday 2017-12-14 12:48 pm
#climatechaos #montreal #quebec #newyork #ireland #france #spain #peace  #whirlwinds
When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more, But the righteous has an everlasting foundation.Proverbs 10:25Chaos over  word Jerusalem Put God in Your Spirit on the Megatrndz Show Episode 9 part 5
Today December 14, 2017 on the Megatrndz Show hosted by Veronica Davis, The two eyes of the Storm in clearly seen o n Plain Sight. History Repetition trend. What language did Jesus Christ Speak. Are Teenagers becoming synthesized to Verbal Abuse creating a new norm. 
The Sacred Bible mentions at least22 times the word whirlwind.
Job 38 "answered Job out of the whirlwind"
 Today, the climate chaos as the freezing waters of the North blended with the heated waters of the mid Atlantic Ocean is not supporting the ocean. And the Monster is released. Clea…

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe2017-12-12  #guadalupe #feastday #catholics #queen #heaven #christians #mantodeguadalupe #feastday #virginmary #VirginofGuadalupe please do not forgive us on this day.

Many times has the apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared to people throughout the World. Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Mystery of Guadalupe Shroud was discovered by Saint Juan Diego of Cuauhtlantoatzin, Hermit.  Most commonly known as Juan Diego. A 55 year old native man named Juan Diego from around the area of what is now known as Mexico City. Today Juan Diego is canonized as a Saint and his date is celebrated on Saint Juan Diego Day is December 9, 2017. When Juan Diego saw the Virgin Mary she told him to go tell the Father. She also gave him roses. When he went to look for the Priest, he opened his outfit holding the roses the exact image of the Virgin Mary had been duplicated. This miracle of the true image of the Virgin Mary exists in a Church where it also has bee…

Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe2017-12-12  #gudalupe #feastday #catolicos #cristianos #mantodeguadalupe
Felicidades  #virgencita #VirgenDeGuadalupe porfavor no nos olvides

Hoy en el Megatrndz Show parte 1 dirijido por Veronica Davis Dia de Virgen de Guadalupe, Misterioso objeto flotando

El Significado del Manto De La Virgen De Guadalupe
Cual es el significado de los Ojos, del Las Manos, de La Luna en el Manto de Guadalupe

Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas! How many of these things did you know about her miraculous tilma? #OLOG#Guadalupe#Catholic#saint#feastday — Catholic News Agency (@cnalive) December 12, 2017

Escuche la bonita lectura de Dr. Andrés Brito --- ¿Quieres descubrir más vídeos con valores cristianos? Los misterios de la tilma de Guadalupe (de

Que esta pasando Misterioso objeto hexagonal flotando sobre Crazy Horse Monument, Dakota del Sur #ufo#sky#misterio…

Time Is Really Not What It Seems

Time Is Really Not What It Seems December 11, 2017 Veronica Davis #timetravel #sacredbible #christianity #catholics #faith #time #intertwined
Could Heaven and Earth be intertwined.   I have just finished watching for the second time the movie with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock called "The Lake House".  Remember I keep on saying that life is intertwined like a rope like all trees in a forest are intertwined by its roots.  Is it the celestial prophecy. Is the true meaning of time a celestial prophecy the confirmation of life's true origin.  One thing leads to another.  What do I mean about this? By this I mean, When I loose something , i wait for it to show up throughout the day. Usually I find whatever I am looking for, while I am doing something else. I usually say that "God led me to it".
Anyways, while talking about The Lake House the movie, while it played on Channel Showcase late last night , I decided to recorded on my PVR. I never really got the meaning …

From Hollywood to Princess: Prince Harry and Celebrity Meghan Markle

A Real Hollywood Princess: Prince Harry and Celebrity Meghan Markle2017-12-11 by Veronica Davis #PrinceHarry #PrinceHarryAndMeghan

A brighter and rightful future is near. As the Wind Whispers by the minute the next move of the latest saga of the next Duchess . Where is she escaping to for her honey moon. Which designer will dress the next Duchess. What Fairy Tale Castle will be their home? To writers, photographers, interior designers, fashion designers and media figures it is the latest buzz everyone is too excited for event of the year the Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan the 2018 Wedding.

What a way to end year of 2017 with  a beautiful story of two people who share their love for one another while helping the world at the same time. And now  soon to be wed. She has the same glow as late Princess Diana.  The Prince Harry and Royal Engaged Celebrity Meghan Markel. Soon to be known as Duchess Meghan. In their life journey it was their interest and care for the World what brought them …

Nation Against Nation Trend: Fighting for Jerusalem in TimeSquare

Nation Against Nation Trend: Fighting for Jerusalem in #TimeSquare and Around the World2017-12-9 9:48 am
#jerusalem #newjerusalem #love #peace #yeshua #safety revelation 12:10 1 Thessalonians  5 Psalm 83, Zechariah 12 and Ezekiel 38
Peace never comes with weaponsChaos over  word Jerusalem Put God in Your Spirit on the Megatrndz Show Episode 9 part 5

From December 7-10 of 2017 There will be demonstrations where a nation will be against other nations such as the muslims vs jews.  With titles like Rally and Protest for Palestine it is a culture with old roots and beliefs over a land that has existed from the beginning of time.  The protest movement website shows 24 States that will organize protests from Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Chicago, Orlando, Washington, Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Seattle, and St.Paul.

According to John Shorey Tribulation will follow when nation will rise against nation.

Nation against nation gatherings are never good and are not free speech if it spreads hate. …

Laser Trends: California Residents Claim Lasers Caused Fires

Laser Fire Start Up Trends  Direct Energy Weapon TrendEvacuation Order TrendsCalifornia Fire Trends 
Laser Trends: California Residents Claim Lasers Caused Fires2017 12 08
Silently Praying For The Victims
#DirectEnergyWeapon #GeoEngineering #WeatherControl #CaliforniaFires #California #FalseFlag #WildFires #EMF#directenergyweaponlasers

Fierce, and Threatening. Fires in the American State of  California Last Month now as we speak. Blue Beam Lights recorded on cell phones. No wind before hand, high winds all the sudden then back to Normal. Vortex Energy, claims residents. Today a Horse Downs became a target. Last Month California Wineries became a target.

James Bunder takes us to the evidence of the California Fires "LASERS FROM THE SKY & THE CALIFORNIA FIRES".

TruNews Streamed live on Dec 7, 2017 Christmas 2017: Prince of Peace or Gods of War 9,340 views

Lockheed Martin ... #AdvancedTestHighEnergyAsset#ATHENA#LaserWeapon#LockheedMartin#LockheedMartinThis…