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MK Ultra: Canadian Families Fighting The System

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MK Ultra Trend: Lost  In Time by Veronica Davis 2017-12-23
Once Again The SystemLost In Time Trendpops up again in the megatrndz theme. Now you do not have to be an elder to be experimented on, it is starting as young as an embryo " Frozen Embryo Trend: 24 year old Embryo Born ". Less than three decades ago people were being put to sleep for 23 days in a row n. But it is not enough time for the The Wicked Beast System, where now it has beat a record of all time as  it has jumped a remarkable number or 24 years.

So Where is "The Wicked Beast System" is heading to or has been heading to. But will it hit a nose dive like "As Hollywood Empire Spirals Downwards

If you are a first time reader to megatrndz you probably never heard of MK Ultra trend. Well according to Bob Mckewan, between the 1950's to 1960…

MKUltra Trend: An American MKUltra Op Dies

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An American MKUltra  Op Dies  Wednesday 2017-11-22

Yesterday, an individual known world wide as a serial killer has  finally perished from the Earth. His name is not worth the mention but referred to as Charles M. MkUltra goes back decades ago as a mind control program.

For those of you that have know idea what MkUltra is perhaps a little insight from American infowarrior Alex Jones, as he explains it:

the 60s there was a law enforcement  craze. They called it that law enforcement was claiming there was all this Satanism no there was Satanism  there was a massive human sacrifice  going on and it was being done to enter  in the new age to have Lucifer exterminate 90% of the world's  population and then have humans merged with machines and become the new God men  I talked about that in my film ten years  ago in-game suddenly this last week  there …

MK Ultra Wendy Williams and Corey Feldman

Targeted Individual Trend

MK Ultra Wendy Williams and Corey Feldman 2017-11-03 6:00 pm
#mkultra #WendyWilliams #microwaveweapons #targetedindividuals

The weaponry out there is the microwave weaponry. Are celebrities alike been targeted individually for experiments and mind control abuse. It is the latest spoken trend on the internet read more at Microwave Weaponry Trend

Wendy William relates to Corey Feldman Victims pt 1

Wendy Williams and Corey Feldman Victims of Hollywood part 2

Two celebrities sharing the same similarities of freely exposing the hollywood industry pedophilia may be in big trouble. As internet viewers are finding clues and evidence  on Corey Feldman exposing Hollywood Pedophiles Moguls . Wendy Williams 2013 videos is clear evidence of how Corey Shared more on the issue. Behind the scenes they either show with their eyes how they are being watched and manipulated if exposing the truth. Their body language shows anxiety and fear and a spiritual attack. Both Wendy Wi…

Corey's Law

Civil Right & Equality Trend: Corey's Law November 20, 2017 3:00pm

#civilright&equality #ISTANDWITHCOREY #CoreysTRUTHCampaign #PRESERVEINNOCENCE #notok


It has been over 3 weeks since Superstar Corey Feldman has publicly made aware the world with his new  Corey Truth Campaign. Review his own youtube video below.  Since, then Corey Feldman is pushing hard with revealing more about his life, and pushing further the boundaries in the civil rights and equality movement.

COREY FELDMAN'S TRUTH CAMPAIGN is the title of the video and since today with 1,007,142 views Corey Feldman it was published on Oct 25, 2017
For more details on the Coreystruthcampaig…

MK Ultra Targeted Wendy Williams

Mk Ultra Celebrity Trend > Strange Behavior Trend

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MK Ultra Targeted Wendy Williams November , 01, 2017

It seems like its a spiritual attack happening on the very day of Hallow Eve. Another reason why this holiday is a witchcraft holiday, of opening up an evil portal. Our Lord Jesus Christ went around taking out demonic spirits out of the demonic spirit called Legion. Pastor Paul Begley spoke about it on his Youtube Channel this month see below video. Our Lord Jesus Christ also told us that we have the power to  be stronger than this lower level beings. But this trend of Celebrities targeted live soon became a trend. As Kate Perry and Wendy Williams and other anchors fainted live in the middle of their performance yesterday.

 On Halloween dressed up as a statue of liberty Wendy Williams faints on tv. Did her costume have some sort of venom. Her crown looks very similar to the Jesus Crown. Just who chose her…

The Account Suspension Trend on Social Medias

The Account Suspension Trend  False Programming Hollywood Trend MK Ultra TrendBad Creative Team Trend 
The Account Suspension Trend on Social Medias

ByVeronica Davis2017-12-20- 12:39 pm

The Megatrndz Show Episode 14 part 1
The Account Suspension Trend on Social Medias

The Megatrndz Show Episode 14 part 2The False Prophets The System Growing into the AI Spiritual Warfare (Ephesians 6:10-20)

Hello to everyone that is reading or listening on youtube the Megatrndz Show, 
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Beware of False Prophets: The Hollywood Religion

False Prophets TrendHollywood Programming TrendMK Ultra TrendBad Creative Team Trend 
Beware of False Prophets
Tuesday 2017-12-19 12:02 
#mindprogramming #mkultra #followwhiterabbit #nwo #speakup #transparency #PedoWood #pedogate #BringDownTheRing #ISTANDWITHCOREY #CoreysTRUTHCampaign

Triumphant That You Are, Jesus says Beware False Prophets will come in multitude to you.

Hello Everyone, today I wanted to read you guys straight from the Bible,  but  one thing began to unravel after another
and so I thought I should share all of it with  you guys
what Jesus Christ is telling us in Gospel of Matthew Beware of the False Prophets Hollywood's False Programming..

Watch The Megatrndz Show Episode 13 "Beware of False Prophets: The Hollywood Religion " Part 1

Watch The Megatrndz Show Episode 13 "Beware of False Prophets: The Hollywood Religion " Part 2

God is generally the ruler of all things  and the creator and as such  I trust him today that the signs are insightful and…

La Tendencia de la Suspensión de Cuentas en los Medios Sociales

Tendencia de Suspensión de Cuenta de Medios SocialesCuidado con la tendencia de los falsos profetas  Tendencia de programación de Hollywood MK Ultra TrendMala tendencia del equipo creativo 
La Tendencia de la Suspensión de Cuentas en los Medios Sociales
ByVeronica Davis2017-12-20- 12:39 pm
El Megatrndz Show Episodio 12 La Tendencia de la Suspension de Cuentas

Y en la parte 2 de Episodio 14 en La Tendencia de la Suspensión de Cuentas en los Medios Sociales  del Megatrndz Show

Hoy el, Cardenal venezolano Jorge Urosa Sabino le dice al govierno que hay que abrir un canal humanitario para la entrada de alimentos y medicinas lea mas

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Tan pronto…