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Fashion worn politics is a new trend. Should we be concerned. Not really. It is becoming the new trend to express your political agenda, the only difference its on you. Fashion designers are starting to show it on the runaway. We are all diversified individuals and fashion should have a sense of humor and style.

Watch Singer Joy Villa Tells all to Infowars about her dress worn and how she promoted Donald Trump phrase "Make America Great Again!".

As seen below:

Joy Villa Tells All to Infowars posted by Alex Jones

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Fashion Blogger Inthefrow's Victoria Magrath does London Fashion Week | 24 Hours With | Glamour UK by Glamour UK February 2017

What is a fashion trend?

In 2017, people create fashion trends. Communities create fashion trends. Social media is creating newer trends faster than it reaches the market. With the clothing market saturated with creative self made designer newer fashion trends are being accepted by society.

A fashion trend can be a special detail in the fashion design such as off the shoulder hot this season. However, a trend can also be accepted throughout history like a custom  such as wearing a veil or a special event.

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