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Sacrificing Lamb at Mount Olives Abomination

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Sacrificing Lamb at Mount Olives Abomination

9/26/2019 by Veronica Davis

There was the Exodus? God Yahweh God of Abraham and Jacob asked the Chosen to put blood on every door so when the Angel of Death would pass by it would not touch their homes. Well yesterday, I did a video asking prayers around the world because I feel that this event unfolding in front of our eyes is a lot serious than what it looks. The sacrificial lamb is a lot more frightening than it looks because who are they going to sacrifice. The building of a third temple is already becoming a reality once this sacrifice is performed? So what next? The Sanhedrin do not believe in Yeshua Jesus Christ and so this sacrifice is to replace what or whom?

God Almighty woke me up yesterday at 3 am the exact time the baby lamb was to be sacrificed 24 hours from then. So God Almighty was getting my attention to the times that we are in, are a lot worst then we think. Building the third Temple will bring Omens and misery to many who will be the sacrifice. The Devil or Satin will reign from within its doors for 3.5 years and then Yeshua Jesus Christ will be coming back again. We must stay close to the Word of God to understand how he wanted us to keep our eyes and ears open. Most specially for these prophetic times. Are you ready?

We must keep our eyes open? I discuss eyes open and shut on my next book entitled " What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?"

Mount Olive Abomination Lamb Sacrifice, Sanhedrin

Video en espanol 'El Ternerito fue Sacrificado de los Sanhendrin una Abominacion '

Sanhedrin Blood Sacrifice September 26, 2019 10:30 AM Israel

Something biblical is going to happen in a few hours from now. A blood sacrifice at Jerusalem. It is an abomination the Sanhedrin have invited 70 nations. Today in a few hours from now at 3 am hour time while we are asleep they will do a sacrificial event in Jerusalem.

urgent Sanhedrin's blood sacrifice in few hours pray

Espanol- urjente abominacion en jerusalem sacrificio de sangre
"ABOMINACION EN JERUSALÉN" Roeh Dr. Javier Palacios Celorio