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A Super Soldier Story Not Forgotten 'James Casbolt'

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A Super Soldier Story Not Forgotten 'James Casbolt'


Miles Johnston has updated his followers on Feb 8 2019 about super soldier human experiment, James Casbolt . His Birth name Michael Prince. James Casbolt is a super soldier that was experimented on as a child. He claims to have been raised as a child off Nelson Base 9 in British Columbia Canada. A few years back, after marrying a wealthy socialite his past has been mysteriously erased. Megatrndz has followed his story since 2014 but his story can be traced back as far as 1993. Just before he was sent  to Prison. His story as a secret undercover super soldier is an amazing story to understand and know more about.

Because Miles Johnston and other investigative reporter has exposed the secretive operations under the governments around the world, James Casbolt has been in contact with him every since his story first broke out. James is in contact with Miles about his release date in July 2019.

If you have never heard of super soldiers, start in videos below.

This is what Miles has released so far on video on February 8, 2019:

James Casbolt's release date has been determined, and you hear it on Bases First. This is a summary of  3 pages from his prison medical record, for your eyes only.
He made a phone call as well.

Update February 8, 2019 James Casbolt

A year ago, From Illusion to Reality interviewed Miles and discussed super soldiers james casbolt and the similar super soldier story of late Max Speirs.  Max Speirs was found dead with black goo in his mouth. It may be connected to foul play has many thinking he was into Satanic rituals eventhough he was described as a ufo enthusiast.

Miles Johnston, Bases Project: Transhumanization, Super Soldier by From Illusion to Reality 

History of James Casbolt documented by Miles Johnston published on Apr 1, 2011 from Bases 9 James Casbolt part On:

In this 1st Video interview in 6 years James Casbolt tells of the SS Nazi connection with the creation of Cyborgized Human babies for use as Supersoldiers of the 4th Reich, in the modern world,and how his batch of programmed babies was intercepted when enroute from a Canadian Nazi SS Base, in Nelson, British Columbia. The inclusion of his mission as an assassin to terminate one of these Cyborg-Supersoldiers, who had stolen a "Pearl",or suitcase Nuke.
See Bases 1,2,4,5 and 7 for previous data on this. I once again state Casbolt,or birth name Michael Prince has not yet offered PHYSICAL evidence of these claims. The SS Nazi connection also connects Energy 106 Pirate station in Monaghan Ireland, as being part of this programme, as being a Military operation, which explains why it was not raided for years. The viewer must take all claims in context and understand the extremly dangerous ramifications. Prince states we can expect Alien actions in the public domain. His task with his colleagues will be to "herd" us away from such dangers.

Bases 9 James Casbolt Part One


Miles JohnstonPublished on Feb 7, 2013

Anya Briggs similar story of her life as a 4 year old being abducted from her memories of 1975. Although she sounds unsure of the Nelson base she calls it  q5to1 base. She describes being put in an insular copper device to make her more telepathic. Where she meets James Casbolt. The experiment she describes is one that reminded her of an age extension advanced technology where they manipulate age. Her memories involve being shown tanks with unique embryos floating in glowing liquid, similar to cloning. She also claims that James mentors in 1995 was Ellis Lloyd Richards the father of Mark Richards. Ellis Lloyd Richards is a legend in the black ops community.

Bases 21 Anya Briggs Part Three

Max Speir and James Casbolt were rescued by Mark Richards of Nelson Base British Columbia Canada.

Miles Johnston Published on Sep 23, 2014 'Bases 37 Part 5 A B C Max Spiers Ver 002'

A Similar Story is exposed by Kerry Cassidy of the Rothchild and Project Ibis read below.


Project Camelot was shot and produced by Kerry Lynn Cassidy Project Camelot in a stunning interview with a Rothchild testimony of different dimensions :

(4:20 min) We walked over here from a different dimension....The Rothschild bloodline that I am from ..from the other dimension.. I am not from the Rothschild bloodline over here.....project Ibis.. Do I remember my rescue..Canada..from Ibis..where we are stored..they keep us in fetal state until they  need us again..I have full recollection of my life from before....So would you say in a  parallel dimension.. yes parallel universe..exactly like this one only they were peaceful..they brought peace.. ultra.. they had to  brake me down all the peacefulness.. so I can do what i had to do..which was to be part of these programs


In 1993, James Casbolt is first  interviewed by Barry King: The Voice British Government Experimentee where he discuss the program of micro chipping individuals, genetic engineering, in a base deep in Berkshire countryside.

'Barry King Interview: Underground Bases, Abductions & Aliens |- Bases 2 by Miles Johnston'  Micro chipping individuals undergroud peasemore.