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Human Crisis: Nicaragua Military Firing at the Protester

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Human Crisis: Nicaragua Military Firing at the Sky To Show Fear, Power and Dominance

by Veronica Davis 2018-05-14 4:00pm UTC

#SOSNicaragua #humanrights #humancrisis

Breaking News in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan military is appearing in various parts around the country.  Among some places where there is peaceful demonstrations among civilians and students from San Rafael del Norte, Jinotega. At least four trucks has arrived today at around 4 pm central time  at Sabana Grande, Jinotega.

In another part of the Country in Sebaco, Matagalpa Nicaraguan demonstrators and fearing their lives as they flee. They are firing at the crowd. Among some demonstrators are taking shelter at Churches. May the Lord be with these peaceful people.

For the past weeks, these Sandinistas are animals as they have left children without arms and castrated. These animals have been entering  non demonstrators peaceful homes and stealing them from their parents. These animals are butchering these kids in places known as torture chambers where adult prisoners are kept. The Government notifies the parents to come pick up kids where they are made to stand days in front of these torture prisons.  They tell the parents to  bring food and clothes as they kept without any for days. On some cases the prisoners themselves have given food and clothes to these tortured kids. Thousands people are missing these past week.

We are looking at another case where the majority of the Country are devoted Catholics and Christians as the Country is being spiritually led by the Bishops, Cardinals speaking on behalf of the people of Nicaragua.

Today Monseniour Silvio Baez announced the next Conference of Episcopal Bishops in Nicaragua to start 10:00 am a National Dialog set for Wednesday May 16, 2018.

Nicaragua has seen these crude behavior 40 years ago as they were lynching people in the streets during its Civil Rebellious War in 1978.

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The Nicaraguan Military is firing at the lonely streets of Sebaco after demonstrators hid for shelter. So what does the Nicaraguan Cruel Military do? They fire at the sky to show fear and authority. These Government belonging to the Dictatorship of Daniel Ortega has got to go.

Let us pray for the Catholic Church and  Nicaragua brave People in such time of desperation that God will never forsaken them.

Urgent: Conferencia Episcopal de Nicaragua da fecha y hora de inici al Diálogo Nacional: miércoles 16 de mayo a las 10:00 a.m.