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The Miracle in the Vibration of Plants

Now full script available in Youtube video. Watch The Miracle in Vibration of Plants Part 1 

The Miracle in Vibration of Plants Part 2

The Miracle in the Vibration of Plants

As amazing as it sounds Plants Vibrate and if the plants around the world sat still, the plant kingdom would   cease to exist. Ever wonder that! Well according to certain studies plants can cease to exist . So this must also apply to the animal kingdom.  By having no movement which is the opposite of vibrations can human beings on this planet Earth cease. If we stood still forever do we cease to exist. We know that everything is in constant movement , rotation, the Earth, the Planets, the Universe etc. But just the very thought of constancy, movement, spinning, vibrating etc is a miracle in itself. What is causing this constancy! That is right guys God! God's omnipotent power his very creation of pleasure and voluntary to do so.

What about if the very creation that we stand on such as what we call our planet Earth what if it stood still . The idea of the Earth standing still and its precaution has already been thought of and made into a story. There is a movie with screen actor Keanu Reeves  entitled The Day the Earth Stood Still, created from the screenplay by David Scarpa is based on the 1940 classic science fiction short story "Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
Bible References about Vibrations

Genesis 1:3

Then God said,  "Let there be light",

Light is a form of vibrations.

Genesis 1:11

Then God said, " Let the Earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree

Now in a July 2013 episode of Coast to Coast AM  entitled " “The Secrets Of Vibration (528 Hz) – Hidden truths of sound! – by Dr. Leonard Horowitz" speaks just about the secrets of vibrations.

In the video below there is a discussion about Biblical references and stories of where sound and vibration were crucial elements to overall results to events in history. And with this in mind, one can see how sound controls destiny. And if one can control or say the right thing at the right moment one can produce the best results to achieve miracles and success in our every day life.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz discusses The Solfeggio Scale promoting a musical scale based on the 528hz C as being the “holy” scale of God. Also how  the current musical standard (440hz A)  institutionalized by the Rockefeller Foundation and Joseph Goebbels. and how sound frequencies can effect cellular structure/DNA. The frequency of 528hz (C) has the ability to heal DNA.

In Genesis 1:11 God brought forth grass first because it  would scatter seeds. However it does not mention how it would scatter seeds. Dr. Leonard Horowitz mentions that a  blade of grass vibrating at 528hz where the light and sound signal are combined. (1:10 min )

Look further into 528hz by searching words : nicola tesla the secret of 528 hz freq

The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths of sound! Law Of Attraction Part 1

According to the website xerces society  there is a posting on a  tomato study done:


 Although the tomato plant is self-fertile, flowers must be vibrated by wind or bees in order to release pollen for fertilization. To achieve the most effective pollination, the flower must be vibrated at a specific frequency to release the pollen. Honey bees are unable to vibrate the tomato flower in this way, but bumble bees and other native species can. Studies show that visitation by native bees increases fruit set by approximately 45 percent in Sungold cherry tomatoes, relative to wind pollination. Bee visitation also results in larger tomatoes. On average, the weight is nearly doubled. When native bees visit and vibrate these flowers, they not only cause the pollen to release, but they also often cross-pollinate the plants. This data suggests that the extra yield caused by bee visitation is due to both of these factors.

Wind can be one cause plants to pollinate and become fertile.
 Nature is powerful, and wind is needed to produce fruits and to multiply life.
Without wind there will be no food production and no farming.

So just as there are many megahertz to produce sound its almost as if plants need to just hear but also move. Have you ever felt like touching a plant or tingling it. That is just as important as the wind causing the plant to move.

There are certain plants that are insect pollinators and others that are wind pollinators.
Insect pollinator plants have strong and sturdy filaments. Wind Pollinator plants have slender and long filaments.

Insect Pollinator                                              Wind Pollinator

Large Pollen Grains                                  Light Pollen Grains
but in small numbers                              and Large in Numbers

Flower have stigma                                 Flowers have feathery stigma
around the petals                                     borne on long styles

Flowers are Solitary                                Have flowers in Bunches

Bisexual                                                          Unisexual

So Science has been trying to analyze and prove that procreation , evolution, and multiplying of what the creator created has to move.

But regardless whether or not science tries to prove where evolution comes from, it falls into a riddle. Without a vibrating world a vibrating universe. There is no evolution. And God the omnipotent created movement so we and everything around us can continue on to pursue every dream, every challenge and every and anything one wants to conquer. God gave us movement, God gave us vibrations and only God will cease it when it is time. And through our scriptures we know that there is a Heaven so even if it is stopped in our present Earth it will continue endless in Heaven.

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