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Government Demanding Inventory Count

2/13/2016 5:31 pm

In the United States, the Government is demanding how much inventory do companies have in case of an Emergency. The Americans are being warned that in case of an emergency there will be a  total seizure of inventory.

Weekly Emergency Warnings

Concerned American citizen like Lisa Haven say that she has been receiving weekly emergency warnings:

Emergency Alert Details
National weather service issued a required weekly for the following counties Arizona at 11:30 am
February 3, 2016

Lisa Haven continues on to say that she does not why such frequent emergency alerts this past week but she says "maybe the government knows something we do not know...Could it be something like a CME, EMP or..cyber threat that can cause something to our power grid..could it be ..war".

Ted Koppel author of  Lights out, mentions on CBS Sunday morning how "they are already in the grid".. "They" meaning the cyber hackers are already in the United States electrical grid. When Ted Koppel was asked whom should be afraid of Russia, China, the analysts he responded " all of those".

LIGHTS OUT EMP Rick Wiles & Jim Bakker by TRUNEWS

On February 7, 2016 , youtuber Daboo77 posted some information about how the Department of Defense has scheduled a Communications Exercise (COMEX) for Friday February 12, 2016.
It may be to test the availability of communication without the use of internet and telephone.

DOD 'Comex' Exercise Feb. 12th Will Test Communication without Internet or Telephones by DAHBOO777

When the radio is not working. When electricity does not turn on, or your car will not start. You will know it is an EMP Attack. Be the 10% that will stay alive after a year without Electricity.

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