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Handmade or Homemade Cosmetics Trend

Wether it is homemade or handmade the popular trend of creating what we can seen not made by machines and technology is a hot trend. A great example for handmade and homemade trends is the cosmetic industry.

Hand making Cosmetics with less ingredients has become a leading trend since the 1980s. Why handmade or homemade exists in the cosmetic industry? Handmade or homemade method is a simple way to also refer to fresh and in the process natural ingredients can be mixed with your very own hands. When  natural ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables are used in the cosmetic process it is  safe. It is safe for the person mixing the ingredients and for the environment.  Companies such as the body shop and lush cosmetics are leading companies in the cosmetic industry using natural ingredients.

Most cosmetics companies now fight animal testing. One reason for fighting animal testing is clear, companies using this as a marketing appeal is not just a marketing appeal. Creating brand value Companies fighting animal testing believe animals have rights. Just to reach to this point policies had to be set in place. There are over 20,000 established cosmetic ingredients that are evaluated as safe and proven non- animal test methods.

Since 1976,  The Cosmetics Directives started legislating the safety methods. The 1980s and 1990s there was an increase of public awareness of animal cruelty used in the cosmetic industry.
A strong driven company raising public awareness in their very store fronts in 2012 was Lush cosmetics UK.