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The Reigning Trend


It is such a blossoming and glamorous trend that refuses to leave the fashion minds of fashion designers around the world, the reigning trend. The reigning trend is present in the haute couture Parisian runaways this fall and winter 2015/ 2016.  Valentino Haute Couture fall and winter 2015, 2016 is among one of this designers inspiring the reigning trend. TV shows like The Tudors, Reign, The White Queen, have also inspired the reigning trend fashion. Whether it is feeling whimsical or reigning like a queen it involves beauty, power and grace. Society is looking into the past and wanting to relive a time where the king's and queen's ruled the world.

Perhaps they still do and fashion has become overtime more simplistic. But it is a moment in time so magical and enchanting perhaps over decades to come we will see fashion looking like the past. Fashion, where the haute couture of today, will become the normal.

A place where what we wear will become a sense of status. The future will be an exciting time where dressing like kings and queen will be that of a spiritual choice. It will not be like the past where fashion was a question of wealth like in Marie Antoinette time. It will a time where the wealth is weighed through our spiritual gains. Fashion in the future will be based not on affordability. Fashion  in the future will be based on spirituality. Those who feel like a queen and king will dress like one. As more and more designers grow in numbers throughout the world there will be more accessibility for dressmakers and ateliers.



Valentino Haute Couture FW 2015/ 2016