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Veronica Davis'


U Pick Farms Growing Trend

August 13, 2015
by Veronica Davis

If you are in North America, I am sure you have heard of a hot growing trend to do for Summer . You may think that farming may not be your thing to get out and do. However you pick your own selection of fruit is becoming a hot trend. What exactly is that. It is growing in tourism. Wether you are a tourist or a new comer to Canada or finding something to do this summer a hot get out of things to do on your list is u pick style farms. It is a fun and healthy thing to do. Its like getting your own fruits at the grocery store. Back in the 1960'S it was unheard off. But the the late 1990's the farmers began offering the experience and it exploted. People were loving the u pick your own cherry farms. Nowadays there are all types of fruits and vegetables you can pick yourself. The farms that are doing the you pick yourself business will stick with one or two varieties. Up in Canada you will find strawberry and raspberry fields ready to pick in the hot Summer Winnipeg months' of July to Lavender fields in New Mexico. There is a different picking season for each type of variety of fruit so make sure you know when to plan your trip.

It was a hot July day, and I mean hot over 30 C my son and I went for the first time to this style of farm. In Winnipeg, Manitoba I visited Boomstarm farm. As we entered the property it felt a little strange and overwhelming. But one grew out of the feeling already in the property.

Located in Stonewall Manitoba , it did not take that long to get there. A large signage reading " Boonstra Farms" with a full parking lot led me to believe we had arrived our destination. There were visitors from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds and it gave the welcoming feeling.

The parking lot divided two different fields full of people picking out of different bushes. Looking to the right side of the parking lot people were picking from the ground while to the left side of the farm people were standing up behind bushes. I couldn't tell which side seemed to be the most popular. My son pulled out the recently bought Sun UV protection umbrella which was going to be our only protection from the hot sun rays. Having arrived just after lunch when the sun is at its hottest, We were warmly greeted by a young girl ready to answer our questions. At first it seemed a little confusing and overwhelming which side was the strawberries or raspberries. What should we choose. There was a large truck full of empty carton boxes. I asked the young girl about price . If i wanted to fill a full box it was $6 / strawberries and $12/ raspberries. My son loves strawberries so we decided to go for it. Curious to see the farm, we decided to walk around .

There were large trees and more people on one side of the farm than the other. I asked a stranger if he knew where the strawberry section was located. He pointed over to the other side of the parking lot. The man mentioned that there were barely any strawberries to pick. Although I was disappointed to hear that there were hardly any strawberries left, seeing the other people over the strawberry fields made me optimistic. And our mission to continue on our strawberry picking trip grew once again with excitement. Not only did I find the exercise healthy. I was a theraputic somewhat entertaining. A wonderful new outdoor entertainment.

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